The Purge – Episodes 6-9

Alright, fans.  I caught up on The Purge and was ready to complete the series this weekend and to my surprise, the finale hasn’t even came out yet!  Not until Tuesday.  I’m caught up?!  And holy shit, let me tell you.  Some things have happened.

Episode 6 focuses on none other than my favorite guy!  Who now has a name – Joe (that’s kind of uneventful – no offense OA_Joe).  We find out that he’s a hard working blue collar kind of guy who worked his ass off only for his job to be disbanded and sent to Mexico.  You really start to feel for Joe as he’s now lost his job and he’s out saving people on Purge night.  No wonder he was my favorite….(spoiler alert: yikes).  Paths hadn’t really crossed up until now too much – but Joe gets Jane on his beeper and he heads out to save her.

Jane – where is Jane you might ask?  She went to check on her boss that she put a hit on because she felt bad – only to be kidnapped by said boss and taken to his “party” where he has women tied up so men can touch and feel all over them.  Pretty sick, chubbs.

Rick and Jenna escaped the NFFA massacre and make it home where they are lovey(ish) at the end of the episode and it’s such a soft music tone you know something crazy is about to happen.  Jenna is bummed because she found out Lila was killed in the massacre when someone answered her phone.  Rick is going to make her eggs…and bacon because lovey and then they hear a knock and screaming at the door.  IT’S LILA!  COVERED IN BLOOD!

Episode 7
I’ll touch base briefly on Miguel and Penelope who actually manage to escape by beating the shit out of Pen’s ex and getting out of the carnival by hiding under dead bodies (classic move!).  Then they head to Pete the Cop’s bar.  More on them later.

This episode is about LILA!  She shows up bloodied being chased by a murderer but she sneaks into the house (so does the murderer) and is “safe.”  You find out her parents forced her to Purge when she was 18 and in a white dress simulating a wedding.  Lila gets tucked into bed and the murderer shows himself as…..RICK AND JENNA’S NEIGHBOR.  He seemed odd anyway but he was tired of their neighborly bullshit.  Like parking too close…and once they cut down his prized tree!  He’s about to kill one or both of them but then Lila comes to the save and stabs him!  Jenna says they’re moving because the baby crib was supposed to be RIGHT THERE and now there’s a blood stain.

Jane – is saved from her pig boss’s party by none other than JOE!  (JOE! JOE! JOE!  That would be awesome, by the way.)  He pulls away and takes her to oblivion.

Episode 8


Miguel and Penelope are in Pete’s bar and Pete the Cop tells Penelope that the leader of her purify bus is a bad person so Pen wants to go confront her…on purge night…alone.  Smart.  That’s how she gets abducted (for the 100th time)

So that only leaves Rick/Jenna/and Lila.  Lila tries to buy Rick off and make him leave forever so that her and Jenna’s baby is theirs alone (she was there the night they conceived it, you see).  Tension rises between all parties and Jenna tells Lila she doesn’t want to be with her and it was a mistake.  It’s kind of sad.  Lila is a real monster, though.

Rick and Jenna’s (dead) neighbor’s wife shows up and Rick tries to tell her they will talk in the morning after the Purge and Lila just shouts that he’s dead and he deserves to be dead and really some mean shit.  So at the end, Lila attacks Rick and is going to kill him right before Jenna shows up to save the day.  SHE STABS LILA WITH THE SWORD THAT RICK PUT IN HIS POCKET THAT I CORRECTLY CALLED LAST TIME HOLY SHIT I’M AWESOME.  I mean, kind of?

Episode 9


So Joe has brought everyone together in a rigged building full of explosives to make them pay for their sins.  He’s not anti-Purge.  He IS the Purge.  First, his high school bully – he pulls him out and gives him a “fair trial,” and then stabs him after hugging him.  Yikes.  Everyone is freaked out.  The next girl up takes off running towards the door, opens it, and gets destroyed by a shotgun.  Wow, this place really is rigged, isn’t it?

Jane and Rick want to fight back, but don’t – Jane is next.  They went on a date and Joe made some questionable remarks and Jane took severe offense and bailed on the date (but paid, so that was nice).  In the shock of the night, Joe kills Jane and drags her body off with the rest of them.  Why is Pen there?  Well, apparently, she didn’t say THANK YOU when he held the door open once.  This Joe guy is a loose cannon.

The only hope before he kills everyone is Miguel and Pete the Cop.  They go into Joe’s house and find his dad there, barely alive (because he’s sick) and they figure out he’s barricaded at a school.  They get in that sweet red car to find him but then there’s an RPG!  Crazy.  It’s the guy that Miguel beat the shit out of 4 episodes ago to get to the carnival to save Penny for the third time when she was kidnapped for only the 5th time.  Really Penelope is to blame, Joe is a psycho, and I’m still pretty in love with Jenna who is stuck in a cage.  Wild finale coming tonight I have a feeling!

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