XFL 2020 – Who Should I Cover?

Well hello there. Welcome to 2020 where our promises won’t be empty. But guess what? We need YOUR help! Remember when I covered an AAF team? That was WILD! I mean, they sucked, but hey… Also, remember when I covered the Bengals?! Okay…wow did they suck. Bring on Joe Burrow! Geaux Bengals! But now…the XFL is back – and it’s coming up quickly. But I need your help to decide who to cover. We’ve got 8 teams and I’ll outline a pro and con from their roster for each:

Dallas Renegades


Pros: They have a receiver named Jazz and Quick and Cameron Artis-Payne is their RB (from Auburn and the Carolina Panthers). Oh, and Bob Stoops.

Cons: Landry Jones is their QB and he’s a former Steeler. Woof.

Houston Roughnecks


Pros: Connor Cook from Michigan State was the number 2 overall pick! Chad Ochocinco is trying out for kicker!

Cons: They kind of stole that logo from the Oilers which is a -1…even if it’s a cool logo. Sammie Coates (a former Steeler) plays wide out….woof.

Los Angeles Wildcats


Pros: Josh Johnson – a FORMER BENGAL! plays QB! But might be 2nd string? Also Nick Novak is the kicker – that’s kind of cool.

Cons: Josh Johnson is the QB…..

Seattle Dragons


Pros: This is really for my Purdue friends out there – Kirk Barron, C, went to PU and DE, Danny Ezechukwu went to PU also. I don’t know? Might help someone?

Cons: Seattle is really rainy so I’m guessing they won’t score much.

DC Defenders


Pros: They took Rashard Davis, former Titans WR first overall. They also have Cardale Jones (looking at you, Andy) but he will be second string behind Tyree Jackson who has a cannon.

Cons: They’re pretty political.

New York Guardians


Pros: They have Marquise Williams from North Carolina at QB (he had 99 scores in college). He has time in the NFL, CFL, and AAF so this is really just completing the grand slam.

Cons: Matt McGloin guys. Bucs fans rejoice (or groan).

St. Louis Battlehawks


Pros: Christine Michael is at RB – remember that guy? Plus, it’s football in St. Louis again!

Cons: Rams fans are crying at the thought of football in St. Louis again.

Tampa Bay Vipers


Pros: Georgia QB Aaron Murray and OK St’s Taylor Cornelius are battling for the QB job.

Cons: Marc Trestman is coaching. Yikes.

Okay, so that was a lot – or not a lot…there’s not a ton of info above…but now it’s your turn! Who do I pick? Who do I cover? I’m a free agent freelance blogger and I need a home. **NOTE** if Chad Ochocinco gets the kicker job, it’s going to be REALLY hard for me to not pick Houston but this is YOUR decision, not mine. Drop down in the comments and let me know where to move!

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1 thought on “XFL 2020 – Who Should I Cover?”

  1. My vote is for anyone but the Seattle Dragons. I selfishly want them to myself.

    Not even because of the Purdue connections. If I ever moved away from Indiana, I’d want to live in Oregon. They have the Portland Damian Lillards, but really nothing else. By default, they’re forced to root for Seattle sports teams. What better place to start than jumping on the Dragons bandwagon. Also, it’s just a sweet name.

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