Cinderella – Whatever You Wish For, You Keep.

Okay, I had to look up that title quote, but I’m using it for this blog. I recently watched Cinderella (2021, Amazon Original) This movie has received more 1 (one) star reviews than I’ve seen in quite some time, maybe ever. I’m here to tell you…they’re WRONG!

Cinderella, cast by Camila Cabello, who is both this and this below:

Is a FANTASTIC singer. Yes, notice I say SINGER. Camila Cabello, known acting wise for *checks notes* Cinderella. Yes, basically her first role ever. In a musical. As a singer/main character. This isn’t some seasoned actress who has done millions of good movies. She’s a wonderful singer and if you don’t believe me, take 5 minutes to listen to these: one of my favorite songs with Bazzi. And the most catchy song that you may not even like but you’re going to sing or hum along with. Okay, girl puts out bangers.

The lead gentleman in the role, Prince Robert, is played by Nicholas Galitzine. Apparently not super famous, yet, but seriously listen to these two: The best rendition of a Queen song since Bohemian Rhapsody killed every song. And a song that I thought the Dixie Chicks sang. So you have two kiddos with pipes slaying the main 2 roles in a musical. BUT PEOPLE WANT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT ACTING?! You know what, Opinions Anonymous isn’t the funniest podcast out there but for a bunch of no namers from small towns in Indiana (and wherever the hell Tyler is from), we are pretty freaking good. Give us a shot like you should give Cinderella a shot, damnit.

The stepsisters are funny. The mice are hilarious. Princess Gwen (PTSD the name from Spidey) is great, and that’s not even mentioning Billy Porter as the Fabulous Godmother. Sure, Doc Brown as the Town Crier felt a little Hamilton-y, but okay? I’m trying to write an entire musical currently that’s Hamilton-y? It’s a format that freaking worked and people liked it. Why not sprinkle some in?

Oh, hey, Pierce Brosnan is in this movie? You know, the guy who was James freaking Bond and also starred in another musical, Mamma Mia!. You think he’s just doing garbage movies at this point in his career? Okay, don’t answer that, but my point remains.

If you watch this movie with an open mind and don’t laugh at some of the silly conversations, you’re not human. I’ll actually reimburse you for your time. 2 hours, which, if the above is true, might be worth 12 cents. Quit hating on Cinderella! It’s not movie of the year but I won’t stand for the slander!

Have you watched Cinderella? Let me know down in the comments what you thought of the (dare I say) 2021 hit!

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