The Purge Series – Pt 2

Another update for The Purge series – episodes 4 and 5.  If you haven’t started the show or want to get a glimpse at what I thought of the first 3 episodes, read here first.  Now, an update on our favorite characters.

Miguel – Miguel has been within 10 feet of his sister the entire show and can’t seem to figure it out.  A lot of flashbacks these two episodes show that Miguel and Penelope’s family was murdered on the first Purge night and Miguel is supposed to protect his sister.  Episode 5 shows that Penelope (Pen) had a druggie piece of shit boyfriend who Miguel beats the crap out of to try to protect her and then goes away to the service on bad terms.  Who comes to her aid?  The boyfriend?  Nope.  The leader of the damn bus that wants Pen to be purged.  Weird twist of fate there.  Pen gets sold on the auction at the carnival and guess who buys her….yup, now you’ve got it.  The boyfriend.  Episode 5 goes off the air as Miguel finally hears Penelope yelling and the boyfriend seeing Miguel and “buying” him too.  Now he has two people he hates to torture on Purge night.  Yikes.

Jane –Jane was a successful business woman that you feel for at first, but I’m starting to think she’s fucking crazy.  Her one employee just killed the other one in a Purge free zone and now Jane has left the safe building to go save her boss that she put a hit on?  She gets caught by some random guy who tries to poison(?) her and then saved by a bunch of badass women who don’t put up with any man’s shit any longer.  She go and save a woman in distress, but Jane gets uncomfortable as they cattle brand the guy.  She bails and parks outside of her bosses house.

Rick and Jenna –man was I wrong on my first Purge write up.  Rick and Jenna are a super NOT happy couple who are in a weird love triangle with Lila (the hookup) and Lila is still low key in love with Jenna.  Rick is just an asshole and Lila keeps tossing out there that their relationship sucks without her.  Anyway, the NFFA party gets a little crazy and all of the guests get to kill people.  That’s cool, EXCEPT Rick and Jenna don’t want to kill people – they’re anti Purge but just want money.  In episode 5, the NFFA party gets raided by a bunch of people who just light up the place and start shooting everyone.  Luckily, Jenna knows where the wine cellar is because she’s been low key hooking up with Lila forever and they run away only to be rescued by the maid who has been trying to make Jenna leave for awhile now.  Jenna is worried about Lila and Rick is like let’s bail!  **Note** – I’m pretty sure Rick stuck a knife in his jacket while they were passing them out and it’s going to come back into play later.  That’s my prediction.

And lastly, my favorite character who in Episode 4 actually fails to get to a place in time to rescue someone.  They “unmask” the guy, which is a little disappointing so early and he seems rather…normal?  He gets mad that he didn’t make it in time and howls at the moon?  In episode 5, he’s back at it with his mask on and he pulls up to 3 people beating someone on the ground.  He gets out of his vehicle but instead of his shotgun which would end the fight in 2 seconds, he has a club in his hand as we go off the air.  Does he start with a bazooka and every failed save he downgrades his weapons?  What if this guy dies?  Does he get a nerf gun next week?  He was my favorite, but I’m confused with what they’re doing here.  Jenna might be my new favorite because I think she gets it…and Lila is hot.

Have you been watching?  Drop down in the comments and let me know your thoughts on the first 5 episodes.  (Don’t spoil 6 or 7 for me.  I’m a couple behind.)