Kyle’s Money Shot 11/6-11/12

Hello, hello, hello. Welcome back for another week of your favorite gambling content. I am hot off of my best week ever and looking to keep it rolling!

I was in St. Louis for work this week and happened to be lucky enough to go to a St. Louis Blues game. So I figured, why not make it a little more fun and throw some money on the game? And it paid off, the Blues essentially dominated from the start and it was an awesome experience for my first ever NHL game and a great way to start off the week.

Then we had a little letdown on that Wednesday night MACtion over. We needed 54.5 and the final score was 53. But it happens folks, and it wont keep us down. As I promised last week, I am back on the Thursday Night Over! then we roll into a pretty standard Saturday of college football. My Purdue Boilermakers are looking to get bowl eligible and are traveling to Minnesota. I know what you’re thinking “Kyle, I thought you were a Purdue fan, why are you betting on Minnesota” –  Well gang, I’m about to teach about something I like to call “emotionally hedging” my bets. I want and think Purdue will win, but I think it will be close. So just in case the unthinkable happens and Minnesota wins, I can be a little less depressed knowing I made myself, and you all, some money on it! And if Purdue wins in a blowout, we’ll all be so happy that we won’t care that we lost a little money. Ideal Situation – Boilers by 10. 

Then we move into Sunday which features the Money Shot this week. I’m going with New England over Tennessee by 7. I’m kind of surprised this line is so low. Is Tom Brady still the QB? Yes. Is Bill Belichick still the coach? Yes. Then the Patriots are about 1000 times better than the Titans. Bet it, no need to wait for a good return on your 401k, just bet the Money Shot and save for retirement that way! Love you guys! Let’s Get Rich!

I’m sad – the moneyshot didn’t win. I know I let you all down. I’ll get back to the old drawing board.