Kyle’s Money Shot CFB Final Week/NFL Week 14

Howdy Gang! Hope everyone has had a fantastic week! Sorry I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks spent Thanksgiving with the family then last week work was kind of busy but now we’re back so let’s just get right into it!

Saturday – Army @ Navy

I love that they give Army/Navy the weekend to itself in college football. Nothing but respect for all these folks that after graduation will be serving the country. One of my favorite traditions is always betting service academy unders, for the troops! Under 35

Sunday – Raiders @ Chiefs

I’ve got this mental illness where once my dumb brain latches on to a thought, it can’t let go, and the over hit the last time these teams played so now my dumb brain just knows the over will hit this time! So here’s to the dumb brain over bet! Over 48

Sunday – Seahawks @ Texans

Davis Mills is the QB for the Texans, that’s all you need to know. Under 41.5

Sunday – Lions @ Broncos

DON’T LET THE LIONS GET HOT!! They are coming off their first win of the season, and by god they might make it 2 in a row! Dan Campbell is the fucking man, listening to him talk makes gets me all boned up and ready to rock. Give me the Lions+9

Sunday – Bills @ Bucs

This pains me to say because I love Bills Mafia, I love the energy that the city of Buffalo has, and lord knows I LOVE Buffalo wings, but the Bills just don’t play well against good teams, and unfortunately the Bucs are a good team. Bucs -3.5

Monday – Rams @ Cardinals

Kyler Murray looks to be fully healthy, and that dude is a problem. I’ve also lost entirely too much money betting on the Rams this year, so fuck em! Cards -2.5

After a couple weeks away from each other, I’m sure all of you are just starving for a good Money Shot, so brace yourselves because here it comes!

Sunday – Bears @ Packers

Aaron Rodgers, that petty fuck, loves embarrassing the Bears in primetime and that Is exactly what he is going to do. I don’t think much more needs to be said. Packers in a bloodbath. Packers -12.5

That’s all I’ve got! Happy to be back, I missed you guys. Don’t forget to comment, tweet at me, or DM me with any comments, criticisms, or locks you have!

Whether you are fading or following, Let’s Get Rich! Love you guys!