The 10 Burger, 20 Nugget Challenge

Another Friday, another Friday Food Challenge #FridayFoodChallenge.  We asked, you listened, and you seemingly want us to die – but today’s challenge is 10 cheeseburgers from McDonalds and 20 McNuggets.  Adam wanted plain and I wanted a little sass – so we got 7 plain and 3 with ketchup only.  The table was set.  Misty once again joined us and really made this a thrashing.

10 burgers, 20 nuggets

11:59 – an air freshener went off and sprayed Misty’s eating hand.  It was not good.

12:00 – the time begins

12:01 – Adam and Luke – one burger down each.   Misty not quite talking as much this time.  She’s Twittering. 

Luke was the first to eat a nugget.  Very dry.  (Actually, Adam had crushed 5 already and just didn’t tell me)

12:04 – Adam has 2 burgers, six nuggets down.  Luke has 2 burgers one nugget down.  No one learned anything from going too hardtoo fast last time with our Nugget Challenge. Misty has two downed just one minute after.

12:07 – I heard another crinkle from Adam’s wrappers and I’m trying to keep up.  3 Burgers, 10 nuggets down for Adam.

We’re crushing it so hard we are going for time now.

I just saw Adam drink a chicken nugget.  One swallow.  No chewing.


Do you know what this means?  We are BEASTS!  I even pulled my weight a little more this time.  Look at me.  How proud are you guys?

Final Tallies:

Adam – 4 burgers, 12 nuggets

Luke – 4 burgers, 1 nugget

Misty – 2 burgers, 7 nuggets

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