A Movie Club!

ATTENTION: This is BREAKING NEWS!!  Wait, let me start from the beginning.

I decided to catch a spoooooky movie around Halloween and I choose Triangle, which caught my eye and oddly I didn’t even watch the trailer first.  It was a recommended movie on IMDb (they recommend a lot of shit when you’ve rated nearly 800 films) and I thought the tagline sounded intriguing (you’re pissed, aren’t you…another tagline mention): “A group of friends suffer a yachting accident and take refuge on a cruise drifting on the open sea, but quickly realize they were better off on the upturned yacht.  Oh, an this:


So I was in!  As most of you know, I’m an early to bed kind of guy and I couldn’t shut this one off.  Wait, what?!  A decent movie review?!  But wait, there’s more.  After I watch a movie, I’ll drop down to the reviews and check out what other people are thinking and the first one I read nailed it.  They said “Once you watch this movie, you’re going to want to talk about it with someone.”  YES!  I DO!!!!  But here’s my issue….no one has seen (or heard of) this film from 2009 that suddenly, almost 10 years later, I’m raving about.  How do I get people to care?  How do I get to share my OPINION while hearing others as well?  YES!  A BOOK CLUB!!! You know, minus the book, plus a movie, and everyone gets involved.

So here it is.  The Opinions Anonymous Movie Club.  I’m inviting you…yes, you, to join our movie club.  The rule are simple:

1.)  Every week, a member of the Movie Club will choose a movie (streaming capability preferred, but not required)
2.) Each member in the Movie Club will watch said movie.
2a.) If you can’t watch a movie one week, THAT’S OKAY!  You’ll just be publicly ridiculed.
3.) You will submit a rating for each film you watch.
4.) We will have a kick-ass time and be able to rank our OA Movie Club movies from best to worst with fun things like NEVER WATCH THIS MOVIE, LUKE IS AN IDIOT categories as well as I DON’T KNOW WHO JIM IS BUT HE REALLY SEEMS TO LIKE ANIME.  Okay, categories TBD.
5.) Really just a request by me, but no 2 1/2 hour movies or I’m kicking you out of the movie club.  No one wants to watch a 140 minute 50 Cent movie (I’m looking at you, Adam).

So I’m going to be a prick and a jerk star of the Movie Club and say the first movie is indeed Triangle because I need everyone to see what the fuck I saw.  The movie is streaming on Amazon Prime for free.  Disclaimer – the movie has a little gore, you might think it’s a horror movie for the first 30 minutes, but really it’s a thinker or possibly just a mind fuck.  But FYI.

Alright, it’s time.  Drop down in the comments with your rating and comments on the film and I honestly can’t wait to talk through this and hear each and every persons opinion.

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65 thoughts on “A Movie Club!”

  1. Better than most movies Luke recommends. Very original and will keep you thinking, just needed some closure. 6.3 for me.

  2. I really should just say ditto to Adam. Much better than some of the ones that Luke recommends, but the whole no real ending thing has me perplexed (and maybe wanting more?) On a side note, I am now confident that Luke picks movie based on limited sets: this movie, a boat over and over. The Cube, one cubic room they just redecorate. Occulus, really just the one room. Elevator, you guessed it – an elevator.

    This movie would be a 6.5 for me.

  3. The movie was good. I’d give it a 7. The plot was good and had you saying “wait what” every 10 min. It has a slight inception kind of feel when you have to critically think and put pieces together. Overall I enjoyed it just needed a bit of closure at the end.

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