Snow Way Out 02/24/2019

Luke and Adam

Luke and Adam come out and welcome everyone to the evening’s show. It’s WHOA’s second PPV, Snow Way Out! There is a lot going on and a night full of great matches so we are going to kick it off RIGHT NOW!

The Quake and Sid Snider feud started when Sid pummeled a fan to near death and Quake came out and made the save. This escalated last week when Sid viciously attached Quake backstage. A lot of bad blood here to kick off Snow Way Out!

The two bohemians square off in the ring and it’s a hard hitting affair. Watching them hit each other is enough to make me hurt just sitting at home. The two big men stay pretty grounded, but Quake heads to the top rope for a big splash AND HE HITS IT! Quake is quite agile for being a big dude and both men are down! Quake goes for the cover but only gets a two count. If there’s one thing we know about Sid Snider, it’s that he isn’t going to give up easily. Both men struggle to their feet and start to exchange big punches in the ring. The crowd is starting to stir as these two go back and forth! Suddenly, Sid goes for the Prison Yard Punch but Quake ducks! Quake knocks Sid down and HITS THE EARTHQUAKE! Will that be enough?! 1, 2, 3!!! Yes! Quake wins to earn his first win in the WHOA federation! What a hot opener!

The 2nd match of the night has been building ever since these two stars debuted. Adam put them in a tag team match and they could NOT co-exist. Then, the next week, Jason Bull got involved in Storm’s one on one match. Another rivalry coming to head here at Snow Way Out!

Jason Bull comes out to a huge round of applause. The Storm – quite the opposite – a crowd full of boos and booze. Jason hits a dropkick early to knock Storm out of the ring. He doesn’t waste any time, though and The Bull leaps over the top rope onto his opponent. Storm just seems out matched and out played. He’s been on a losing streak as of late. Jason Bull pumps up the crowd and tosses Storm back into the ring. He climbs to the top rope and hits a HUGE frog splash! What a move! Jason Bull is in clear control and cruises to victory in this one. What a showing! What’s next for The Storm after this poor showing?!

WHOA World Championship

The WHOA World Championship match is between champion, Karnage, and the winner of the tournament to crown the number 1 contender, Sphinx. We would be foolish not to remind everyone how Sphinx got here. The Creature showed up and led to a distraction win over Quake; Karnage distracted Jason Bull to allow Sphinx to win in the 2nd round, and Karnage also interfered in Sphinx’s match with The Flash in the finals. So Sphinx, on a hot 3 match win streak, has done none of them on his own!

Karnage comes out, accompanied by his valet, Kendra Love. Karnage yells at the fans as Kendra Love slaps a fan who was looking at her too long. I mean she is dressed provocatively. Sphinx enters and gets into the ring – looking more confident than usual.

Karnage looks cocky as ever as he throws Sphinx around the ring after the bell rings. Kendra Love is clapping loudly, cheering for her man. Karnage throws Sphinx to the outside and Kendra love takes off her shoe and hits Sphinx with it! Ouch! That one had to hurt! Sphinx gets tossed back into the ring as Love struts on the outside. The match wears on and Sphinx actually gets a bit of offense in. Karnage starts to look a little worried and tries to shove Sphinx to the outside but he hits the ropes and catches him with a forearm! Karnage is down! Sphinx looks around and runs to deliver a big splash! I can’t believe this is happening! Sphinx sets up Karnage for the Beaker Blast but Karnage escapes and runs out of the ring. Kendra Love runs over to check on her man and it looks like she pulls something out of her purse. Karnage gets back into the ring and Kendra Love gets on the apron. Karnage takes the ref to the other side of the ring and points at a fan who is drinking a little too much. The ref yells for security as Karnage heads back over to hit the distracted Sphinx. Kendra Love pulls out some powder to throw in Sphinx’s face but he ducks! THE POWDER HIT KARNAGE! KARNAGE IS BLINDED! Sphinx looks shocked and hits the Beaker Blast! The ref turns around as Karnage writhes in pain on the mat! Sphinx covers him; 1, 2, 3!!! OH MY GOD SPHINX IS WHOA WORLD CHAMPION! I can’t believe it! Sphinx celebrates on the ropes and the fans are loving it! We’ve got a new champ!

We’ve got one matchup left and there’s a lot riding on this one. It’s The Fluke versus The Creature. If The Fluke wins, The Creature is gone forever. But if The Creature wins…well…The Fluke dies. This all started over a month ago when Lady Luck was abducted after her and The Fluke started a promising friendship. We found out that The Creature was behind the kidnapping and he’s been wrecking havoc on WHOA ever since. He’s taken half the roster at one point or another and viciously attacked a lot of people, including 1/2 owner Luke. Last week, the two were supposed to face off but The Fluke wound up missing. This promises to be a match with grave consequences.

The Creature roams out first and enters the ring very mysteriously. The Fluke’s music hits but The Fluke is nowhere to be found. Is he still gone? Is he alive? Did The Creature already kill him?! The Creature lifts his arm and points toward the big screen. It’s that dark forest, again. Wait, there are wraps on the ground. It looks like whoever he had tied up is gone! OH MY GOD! There’s Fluke! He came from the crowd and is attacking The Creature from behind!

The Fluke’s flurry is short lived as The Creature takes advantage, clubbing The Fluke with heavy blows. The Creature picks up The Fluke and throws him out of the ring. He goes after him and throws him around the outside. The Fluke is thrown into the steel steps, across tables, and into chairs. The Fluke can hardly stand. This isn’t a match, it’s a massacre! Fear for The Fluke’s life is now on the forefront of every person’s mind.

The Creature throws Fluke back into the ring. The Fluke can’t even make it to his feet. He’s on his knees, pleading, literally, for his life. The Creature is just standing over him. Suddenly, The Fluke jumps up and tries to rip off The Creature’s mask! He pulls it off!! HOLY. SHIT.

The Creature is Lady Luck!

THAT’S LADY LUCK! THE CREATURE WAS JUST….LADY LUCK IN A WIG! I cannot believe this! The Fluke cannot believe this! He stands, shocked, in disbelief! Lady Luck points the spikes up on her glove and punches The Fluke right in the face! He is down! Lady Luck covers him! 1, 2, 3!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW! The Creature was Lady Luck! What does this mean?! AHHHHHHH!

Sphinx 4-5 **WHOA World Champion**
Rager 2-0
Riot 2-0
Lady Luck 2-0-1
Smash 4-1-1
Sid Snider 4-2
Karnage 3-2-2
Jason Bull 3-2
Scumbag Sam 4-3
The Flash 4-6
The Fluke 1-3-2
Lil Stinker 2-5-1
The Quake 1-3-1
The Storm 1-4