Fights, Camera, Action 02/18/2019


Luke: Good evening everyone and welcome to Fights, Camera, Action! I’m here to tell you that I’ve hired extra security tonight and everyone should feel very safe! Karnage and Lil Stinker are both here tonight and both doing well. The Fluke was checked out by our medical team and is here tonight but is not cleared to fight. I will assure you that The Creature is NOT here tonight and will not be disrupting our show as he has been doing the past month. Thank you all for your patience and thanks for being here tonight at WHOA! We are going to kick tonight off with the finals of our tournament to determine the number 1 contender for the WHOA World Championship this Sunday at Snow Way Out!

The Flash comes running to the ring and slides in, does a roll, somersault, and damn, that guy is athletic! The Sphinx comes out wielding his wrench and looking…more confident? The Sphinx is on a 2 match winning streak; his only wins coming from this tournament. The Flash is also on a hot streak as of late – this one should be exciting!

Flash gets the upper hand early as he hits a arm drag and a dropkick, knocking Sphinx out of the ring. The Flash climbs up the top rope and jumps to the outside, hitting Spinx! The crowd is loving this! The flash throws Sphinx back into the ring and goes for the cover. 1, 2…kick out! The match continues!

The Flash and Sphinx exchange blows in the middle of the ring, the crowd behind every punch! One of these wrestlers is going to give Karnage a hell of a fight this Sunday! The Flash hits the ropes and goes for a clothesline; Sphinx ducks and hits the opposite ropes – both competitors hit each other and are down on the canvas! What is that? A woman has come down to the ring. The referee goes over to see what she’s doing. Karnage just came out from under the ring! Karnage hits The Flash with The Bloodbath and throws Spinx on top of him! What is he doing?! The referee didn’t see a thing! He turns around and counts 1, 2, 3! Sphinx has won the tournament and will face Karnage this weekend at Snow Way Out! Karnage and the lady have left together!

Quake goes backstage and talks to Luke

Quake approaches Luke backstage and says he’s upset about what Sid was doing to that fan last week. He asks if this Sunday, at Snow Way Out, he can get a one on one match with Sid Snider. Luke agrees. Just as Quake is walking away, SID SNIDER COMES BEHIND QUAKE AND ATTACKS HIM! HE LEAVES HIM LAYING MOTIONLESS BACKSTAGE. Sid Snider looks at Quake and smirks. Sunday is going to be a rough match!

Rager and Riott come to the ring and they say what happened Thursday with The Storm was disrespectful. Rager is challenging Storm to a fight RIGHT NOW! Storm answers the call and we have a match!

The Storm comes out and walks past Riott, giving him a glare before entering the ring. The bell rings and Storm gets a cheap shot in on Rager. He takes the early advantage and grounds the newcomer. Storm walks around the ring, taunting Rager while he’s down. Storm hits the ropes and goes for a dropkick but Rager moves out of the way! Storm hits the mat and Rager takes advantage. He hits Storm with a leg drop, then an elbow drop, then a big splash! Rager is on one! The Storm rolls out of the ring and starts walking up the ramp. He’s going to just leave again! That’s becoming the theme with The Storm!

Uh oh! There’s Jason Bull! Jason Bull is standing at the top of the ramp. The Storm stops in his path and tries to plead his way out of this. Jason Bull takes The Storm and throws him back into the ring! Rager hits him with The Party Pack and covers him for the 1, 2, 3! Last week, The Storm walked out on Jason Bull. This week, Jason Bull made sure The Storm didn’t walk out on a beating. These two definitely have some unfinished business.

The big screen in the arena starts to flash a bit like there is an electrical issue – then goes back to normal. Suddenly a picture appears on the screen.

Lady Luck – tied up

It’s Lady Luck! She’s tied up in what appears to be a dark forest! Lady Luck said she has a challenge. This Sunday, at Snow Way Out, The Creature wants to fight The Fluke. If The Fluke wins, The Creature will disappear forever and everything can go back to normal. But if the Creature wins, The Fluke will die at the hands of The Creature and Lady Luck will never be seen again.

The Fluke walks out into the arena and stares up at the screen. Suddenly the screen goes black and then The Creature appears! The Fluke is angry! The Fluke takes his rock and throws it up at the screen, causing it to break! I think that’s a yes! This Sunday it’s The Fluke and The Creature in a match with some high stakes! I can’t wait!

Rager 2-0
Riot 1-0
Lady Luck 1-0
Sid Snider 4-1
Smash 4-1-1
Karnage 2-1-2 **WHOA World Champion**
Scumbag Sam 4-3
The Flash 4-5
Jason Bull 2-2
The Creature 0-0-1
Lil Stinker 2-4-1
The Storm 1-3
The Fluke 1-2-2
Sphinx 3-5
The Quake 0-3-1

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