Fights Camera Action 2/11/2019

Ted: We’ve had a crazy few weeks in WHOA and we are now only 13 days away from Snow Way Out where the card is very much in question at this point! Last week, Karnage basically threatened to not even appear at the show. One other quick note, Luke will not be here tonight as he continues to heal from the beating he took from the Creature. Let’s get tonight…..*Karnage’s music plays*


Karnage comes out, belittles the fans, brags about himself, and punches a kid. Pretty much the usual. Karnage says that since Luke isn’t here tonight, HE is in charge. It’s HIS show and he’s going to prove it. He pulls up a chair at ringside to watch the entire night. He announces that The Fluke will no longer be able to compete in the tournament to face him, so he’s eliminated and replaced by Jason Bull. Jason Bull will face Sphinx right now.

Jason Bull comes out and stares down Karnage as he gets into the ring. No doubt The Bull wants a shot at Karnage’s title. Sphinx wanders out, clearly outmatched by his opponent before he even gets in the ring – but don’t count Sphinx out! He’s on a one match win streak!

The match starts as expected as Jason Bull takes the early advantage. He’s a far superior athlete than Sphinx, but Sphinx is no doubt more intelligent. As Jason Bull hits Sphinx with two dropkicks in a row, Sphinx finally outsmarts him and ducks out of the way of a third. He quickly takes advantage and hits The Bull with an elbow drop. Sphinx tries to stay on top but he’s no match for The Bull who quickly regains the edge in the match. The Bull sets up for his finisher but Karnage distracts the referee. The Bull walks over to shove him off the ring and KARNAGE THROWS DUST IN HIS EYES – THE REFEREE DIDN’T SEE IT! Sphinx hits the Beaker Blast and pins Jason Bull! Sphinx can’t believe it. He runs to the back. Karnage gets in the ring and continues to assault Jason Bull! The referee tries to stop it but Karnage pushes him down. Karnage definitely has some bad blood against The Bull.

Karnage goes back outside the ring and starts talking trash to a fan as officials help Jason Bull to the back. Karnage spits in a fans face. He is so disgraceful. He knocks the glasses off another fan. The fan shoves him back.

Karnage: Did you just shove me?! Do you think you’re a wrestler? You think you can hang inside MY ring?! Get out here. NOW! Get in the ring. If you think you can shove a wrestler, then I’ll give you a shot. This is MY show so let’s do this. Get in the ring. *Fan climbs slowly into the ring. Karnage teases getting in the ring* I’m not going to waste my time with you. Tonight, you’ll be facing this man

Sid Snider’s music hits and he comes marching to the ring. Holy shit this isn’t going to be good.

Sid comes out, steps over the top rope and kicks the fan right in the face. OH MY GOD I THINK HE’S DEAD! Sid picks up his lifeless body and tosses it over the top rope towards the fans. The referee quickly counts to 10 and the fan still hasn’t moved. Sid Snider is a beast! Karnage just laughs at ringside. Sid looks at the lifeless fan and then heads out. “I’M NOT DONE!” he yells as he climbs out of the ring. Just then, Quake comes running down for the rescue. Quake hits Sid Snider and the two brawl at ringside and into the crowd. The Quake may have just saved that poor fan’s life!

Karnage: The last match of the night is going to be a very important match for each of these individuals. The loser of this match will be FIRED!! *Karnage smiles*. The match is between Lil Stinker….

Lil Stinker enters the ring, smiling for some reason. Are he and Karnage in cahoots?

Karnage: Lil Stinker’s opponent is…..THE FLUKE. *Karnage laughs*

This is completely unfair. The Fluke is not even here tonight and he’s not cleared to wrestle after the attack he took last Thursday night. Someone has got to put a stop to Karnage running this show.

WAIT, THERE’S LUKE! LUKE IS HERE! His head is heavily bandaged, but he’s here!

Luke: Karnage, I’ve had enough. You’re right that tonight, in the main event, there will be a match. You’re right that the match will mean someone gets fired. And you’re right that Lil Stinker is in the match. But what you’re wrong about is it’s not The Fluke he will be facing. It’s YOU!


Karnage reluctantly gets in the ring as he yells up the ramp at Luke. Luke remains on the ramp, watching the match closely. It’s interesting that Luke would risk a member of the WHOA roster but something has to be done! If Karnage loses, what happens to the championship?! Who will be the champion?! Will the tournament continue??

Lil Stinker takes advantage early as Karnage is still fuming at the situation. Lil Stinker is wrestling with a sense of urgency. His career is literally on the line! The two brawl back and forth as the crowd is on the edge of their seats watching this matchup! Karnage gets the upper hand, trying to hit The Bloodbath several times but Lil Stinker keeps escaping. He gets desperate and shoves him towards the corner but Lil Stinker hits the ref instead. The ref is down!

Karnage looks around and surveys the situation. He climbs out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He brings it back into the ring to use it against Lil Stinker. Luke starts to walk toward the ring shouting at Karnage! Luke climbs into the ring! What is he doing?! He’s not a wrestler! Karnage goes to hit Lil Stinker but Luke grabs the chair. They shout back and forth and Karnage shoves Luke down. Suddenly, the arena goes black! This can only mean one thing! There is a lot of commotion and the lights come back on. WAIT – WHERE IS EVERYONE?! Karnage is gone! Lil Stinker is gone! Luke is gone! The ref is gone! There is no one in sight!? There’s a big pool of blood in the ring! What the hell is going on here?! The Creature has struck again!!! We’re out of time, folks! I have no clue what to do! Tune in Thursday!!!

Smash 4-0-1
Karnage 2-1-2 **WHOA World Champion**
Jason Bull 2-1
Lady Luck 1-0
Sid Snider 4-1
Scumbag Sam 4-3
The Storm 1-1
The Fluke 1-2-1
The Flash 3-4
Lil Stinker 2-4-1
Sphinx 2-5
The Quake 0-3-1