Thursday Night Beatdown 2/21/2019

Adam:  Welcome everyone to our final Thursday Night Beatdown prior to this Sunday’s Snow Way Out, and we have a lot of action set up for you leading into the biggest night of the month. 

Karnage comes to the ring to interrupt Adam

Karnage – This Sunday I am set to face off against who again?  Sphinx?  The blue haired freak?  How did that happen??

Adam – Well if yo….

Karnage (interrupting) – OH YEA!  Because I made him the winner, because I control this organization, this is my show and I control everything that happens here!

Adam – Well since you control everything here, you will be excited to learn that you have  nice prep match before Sunday, tonight you will face off against The Flash, who if you remember, is the one you screwed over to face off against Sphinx, and I assure you, he is NOT happy. 

Karnage (blankly staring) – and if I choose not to fight?

Adam – You will vacate your title.  This is a NON title fight tonight, the only way you lose your title tonight is by not wrestling!  Your move (walks out of ring leaving Karnage speechless).

Ted:  That was quite the opening, a champion will fight the event before a PPV, this is unheard of, but this is WHOA!  First match tonight though will be Riott vs Lil Stinker.  We saw the other half of the Old Age Outlaws face off in a singles match Monday, time to see how the other one fares. 

Riott is the first one to the ring, he is quickly appearing to be a fan favorite judging by the cheers he is walking out to.  Lil Stinker is next with his La Cucaracha blaring over the speakers drowning out the Boos, people really do not seem to like this man. 

Riott jumps out in charge early using his mechanics to limit Lil Stinker’s abilities and slightly exposing Lil Stinker’s inability to grapple.  Lil Stinker finally lands an elbow that stuns Riott, which allows him to get an upper hand which is short lived and Lil Stinker slides out of the ring to avoid losing traction in the match, again.  The ref begins a 10 count and at 7 Lil Stinker returns to the ring and comes up with a low blow! I don’t think he thought the ref would see it but he did and calls for the bell, this one is over via DQ, and Lil Stinker is pissed and going after the ref.  The ref is taking a beating but Riott is coming to his defense pulling Lil Stinker off and here comes Rager as well!  Rager and Riott are now putting a beating on Lil Stinker and toss him from the ring.  Once they toss him they help the official up and out of the ring, they seem to be growing in the fans eyes with every move they make judging by all the cheers. 

Fight 2 is Karnage vs The Flash and the Flash comes out looking all business.  Karnage comes out to his normal boo’s and seems pissed to even be inconvenienced with this match.  The match begins and Karnage just lays down!  He wants to be pinned!! He doesn’t want this to continue!!  But The Flash does, he doesn’t pin Karnage, he stomps him!  He stomps over and over and Karnage is now in this fight.  Karnage gets to his feet and begins to show why he is the champion.  He pummels The Flash, who is probably beginning to regret not just pinning him.  Karnage sends The Flash into the ropes and HITS THE BLOODBATH, this one appears to be over, but wait!  He is picking The Flash back up and hits ANOTHER BLOODBATH!  Will he pin next?  No!  Another Bloodbath!  That’s three and someone has to stop this!  Adam comes out to the ramp and demands the match end.  Karnage hits a final Bloodbath then asks for the mic. 

Karnage – You did this (pointing at Adam), next time just accept you ARE NOT in control! (Karnage leaves as The Flash is tended to in the ring)

Backstage:  Ted is meeting with The Fluke who is training very hard for his upcoming death match vs The Creature.  Ted watches and then begins to interview The Fluke. 

Ted and The Fluke

Ted:  Would you say you are more confident then ever before to hopefully get Lady Luck back?

The Fluke:  This is all for her, I am always worried about her and I know that Creature has her and is doing God knows what to her.

Ted:  Are you concerned with what will happen if you lose?

The Fluke:  No, if I lose and Lady Luck is gone forever then what’s the point of living (sounding a bit pathetic?)

Ted:  Well whe…. (lights go out)

(sounds of struggle and weights crashing to the ground) (lights come back on)

Ted is standing in the training room which looks like a tornado hit it and The Fluke is missing!! Has the Creature struck again!?  What about Sunday’s match?  What is going to happen!?  Tune in Sunday to see if we can get this organization under control. 

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