Fights, Camera, Action 02/25/2019

Ted Tickletooth

Ted: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Fights, Camera, Action! If you didn’t tune in, last night we crowned a new WHOA World Champion and The Creature wrestled and was unmasked….as Lady Luck! A lot of questions need answers!

Lady Luck

Lady Luck’s music hits and she comes out in her new outfit and new attitude. Lady Luck gets into the ring.

Lady Luck: **boos showering her** A lot of people want to know, “Lady Luck, why?!” Well, I’ll tell you why. When I first got here, no one took me serious. No one thought I could compete with these men. No one thought I was a threat. I’m here to tell you; I am a threat! I proved that last night as I disposed of that piece of shit, The Fluke. You won’t be seeing him around here anymore. And I’ll dispose of anyone else who gets in my way. If you’re in the back and you’re listening, which you should be, just know, I’m coming for you! *drops mic*

Ted: Sounds like Lady Luck is on a mission!


Luke: How’s everyone doing tonight?? *Loud cheers* We are on our way to the year’s biggest event – SpecialMania! I’m here tonight to announce that there will be quite a few surprises on the road to SpecialMania and the first one is that there will be new WHOA Tag Team Champions crowned next month! You’ll see quite a few new competitors coming in to fight for those. Also….**Karnage’s music hits, Karnage comes out with Kendra Love**

Karnage: Excuse me for a moment but I need you to shut the hell up. Last night, I was robbed of my WHOA World Championship.

Luke: It was Kendra’s….

Karnage: I SAID SHUT THE HELL UP!! My sweet Kendra is not to blame that I was screwed out of my title. I’m here to demand a rematch – TONIGHT!

Luke: I hear what you are saying. You tried to cheat and you lost. It sucks. But, I’m in a giving mood – and tonight you’ll get a shot. You’ll get an opportunity to win a match to fight for the WHOA World Championship. BUT, if you lose, you will never, ever be able to have another World title shot as long as you’re here in WHOA. *Fans cheer*

Karnage: **looks very unhappy** Well….who is my opponent?

Luke: QUAKE! **Crowd erupts in cheers!!**

The Quake comes out, looking rejuvenated after defeating Sid Snider at Snow Way Out. Karnage is visibly upset, now in the ring, pleadings with the referee to call the match off since he hadn’t prepared. Quake enters and the referee rings the bell, against Karnage’s request. If Karnage loses, he will never get another WHOA World Championship shot EVER!

Quake starts off hot as he hits two massive clotheslines on Karnage. Kendra Love is pleading for the referee to cancel the match, still – to no avail. Karnage tries to escape multiple times, but Quake keeps bringing him back to the ring. Kendra Love grabs Quakes leg as he’s going for the Earthquake and trips him up. Karnage wastes no time taking advantage and hits a body slam. Karange seems to have the upper hand and is going for the Bloodbath but suddenly Sphinx appears at the top of the ramp holding the WHOA World Championship! Karnage pushes Quake aside and starts yelling at Sphinx! BUT THE QUAKE IS BACK TO HIS FEET! Karnage turns around and THE EARTH QUAKE! Karnage is down – 1, 2, 3!! Quake wins! Karnage will never be able to have a shot at the WHOA World Championship ever again. Sphinx smiles and leaves the ramp as Quake celebrates!

**Commercial break** WHOA is being sponsored by Opinions Anonymous – a really fun podcast, hmm…interesting! I’ll have to go listen!

Sid Snider

Sid Snider comes out and he’s extremely upset that he lost last night. He grabs the microphone from the ring announcer and throws him across the table. Sid gets on the mic and says he is going to find a partner and win the tag team titles – or maybe he will just do it himself! He says that no one man in the back can beat him and no team can, either! He issues an open challenge to anyone who wants to fight a pissed off Sid Snider.

No one comes out and that infuriates Sid even MORE! Sid grabs Ted Tinkletooth and brings him into the ring by his collar. He says if no one comes out, Ted is going to get his ass kicked!

Some upbeat Jazz music starts to play and out from behind the curtain comes this man:

He walks down to the ring. What in the hell is this kid thinking? He only looks like he’s 17 or 18 years old! The ring announcer goes and asks who he is. It looks like his name is Richie! Luke said if he can make a name for himself, he can have a spot on the roster! It looks like we’ve got a match. Sid Snider vs. Richie!

Sid Snider tosses Tickletooth aside as he smiles. Richie slowly crawls into the ring. Sid runs and attempts a big boot but RICHIE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Richie gets about 3 punches in as the crowd starts clapping but oh no…that’s pissed Sid off. Sid picks up the kid and throws him across the ring! Run, Richie! Run! Sid walks over and hits him with a power slam. He picks him back up and hits him with the Prison Yard Punch! Richie looks like he’s out cold! Sid isn’t finished, though. He props him up on the ropes and hits him with a big boot! Richie’s lifeless body tumbles to the ground. Sid continues the attack until referees from the back come out to stop him. They’ve stopped the match! Sid wins – and it doesn’t look like anyone can stop an angry Sid Snider. I hope that kid is okay.

Sphinx 4-5 **WHOA World Champion**
Rager 2-0
Riot 2-0
Lady Luck 2-0-1
Smash 4-1-1
Sid Snider 5-2
Karnage 3-3-2
Jason Bull 3-2
Scumbag Sam 4-3
The Flash 4-6
The Quake 2-3-1
The Fluke 1-3-2
Lil Stinker 2-5-1
The Storm 1-4
Richie 0-1