NFL Playoffs – Divisional Weekend

It’s that time again, time to bet the NFL playoffs. I started last week and be the Wild Card Weekend games and did….poor. I went 1-3; however, I mentioned an upset in one and….okay, you don’t care! If you bet with me, you lost. (I’m guessing no one did because I didn’t get any hate mail) but I did bet with me (sort of) and did pretty good! The spreads were in my favor (just ask Alex). Here’s where we stand:

Kansas City vs. Indianapolis – I was pretty much all in on the Colts here. They’re 4-0 against KC in the playoffs and Andy Reid might as well be Marvin Lewis in the postseason but then…I heard this weird thing. Some Chiefs fan or personnel brought basically a psychic in to exorcise the demons of the stadium and it’s so ridiculous and funny that it’s swayed me. I really was looking forward to New England vs. Indianapolis in the playoffs to reignite that rivalry, but we will wait. Kansas City is the pick.

New England vs. Los Angeles (Chargers) – Again, I was putting it down that the Colts were playing the Patriots in the AFC Championship but now since I went with KC…do I change here, too and give a true Divisional showdown?! I don’t know. LA looked SO GOOD last week at Baltimore – but can they do it twice? Normally yes, but Tom Brady will do some Tom Brady shit and the Pats will pull it off.

Los Angeles (Rams) vs. Dallas – I almost just two lettered this with “LA” and I am going to pick them but it’s a crazy reason why. I just don’t buy into Dallas. Now, listen, I didn’t buy in Carolina for their Super Bowl run either, but it’s just something about the team. Maybe because I think Garret is an awful coach or maybe because I don’t think Dak can make the plays. He proved me wrong once, but can he do it again? I’m going LA Rams.

New Orleans vs. Philadelphia – Look, if Philly wins this, Nick Foles should just run for President. He wouldn’t lose? They’re playing with house money (again) and no one believes in them (again). I don’t know. The magic has to stop sometime? The Saints limped into the playoffs – they were not the same team down the stretch. Did the week off help or make them more nervous to play Philly? Drew Brees is getting up there and I’m going to give a nod to Tyler Trent and Purdue and say Brees goes off. I’m picking the Saints.

If you’re really betting – I would take Eagles +7.5, LA -6.5, NE -4, and probably the Colts +5, just FYI. You heard it here first! Comment what you think is going to happen below and we will see who wins more money!

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