NFL Playoffs – Wild Card Weekend

The NFL Playoffs start this weekend and if you’re one of the lucky people to still have your team around, CONGRATULATIONS, you suck. My lowly Bengals are out searching for a new head coach – which is great! I mean Josh McDaniels at least was up front this time and said he had no interest. Thanks, Josh, we didn’t ask.

I’m here to (accurately) predict the NFL Playoffs, starting with Wild Card Weekend. Consider this entire blog Kyle’s Money Shot!

Here’s the (sort of) bracket

So, in the NFL – it’s never really a true bracket. It’s the lowest remaining/highest remaining after round one, so the picture is just for reference. Let’s Go!

Chicago vs. Philadelphia – Man, I’m more torn on this than I should be. Philly and Foles (Pholes) are just magic. They shouldn’t even be here – but those are the dangerous teams! Chicago is tough – but are they ready? It’s at home, it’s going to be cold, and they still have Khalil Mack, right? I guess I’ll go Chicago – but an upset could be brewing!

Dallas vs. Seattle – How did Seattle get here? They started 0-2, then got back to 2-2 by BARELY beating the Cardinals? Seattle beat Dallas in Week 3. Yikes. If Dallas is ever going to win, it’s this year…but they’re not. Seattle.

Houston vs. Indianapolis – Wow, another great game. It’s almost like it’s the playoffs or something! The Texans should have lost the first time they played the Colts this year and they DID lose the second time. The combined scores in those two games: 58-58. Yikes – and they’re division rivals. The Colts are hot and if I pick the Texans, I’m betting with my heart, which Kyle says NEVER to do. I’m going Colts here.

Baltimore vs. Los Angeles – I almost put San Diego. Look, the Ravens are hot, too and Lamar Jackson is proving a lot of people wrong by being decent in the NFL but the Chargers are crazy good this year too. What’s the kicker? A 10am local start time traveling across the country for LA. Hmm…seems fishy. I’m taking that as my reason. Baltimore FTW.

What do you think about WC weekend? Who ya got? Drop down in the comments and let us know!