Basketball Game Challenge

This blog is going to be a short one, but it’s more about brainstorming some ideas. We are starting to develop a niche as a blog that loves food challenges. I’m already very familiar with the 9-9-9 challenge at baseball games. (9 hot dogs and 9 beers in 9 innings) but recently, the question was brought up, what is the equivalent of this at a basketball game? I’m not entirely sure, but I do know a couple of things 1. It still needs to include beer. 2. It should probably be 4 sets of four things (4 beers, 4 dogs, 4 nachos, 4 quarters) But we just need to figure out what the foods should be! So comment below what food makes you think of being at a basketball game and I and maybe some others from the gang will probably give it a try! Thank guys, love you!

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3 thoughts on “Basketball Game Challenge”

  1. So is this the 4 squared challenge?

    I mean you could do soft pretzels, popcorn (!?), candy bars. This is good. Let me think some more.

  2. If you’re going to do popcorn, I think that basically needs to be the only thing (besides beer). It’s too time consuming.

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