Kyle’s Money Shot 12/11 – 12/17

Welcome! If you need a recap of last week here ya go. It was another pretty good week! Hopefully I’ve won you guys some money!

But now, on to this week:.

There is not a lot of college basketball this week due to it being finals week for most colleges. Good luck kids, study hard! So, my bets this week might look a little low.

My first two bets this week are on a couple of teams from Pennsylvania – Penn and the Philadelphia 76ers. Penn is getting 8 points at home to a Villanova team who has struggled some this year. Penn has beaten a couple of big schools this year and is 7-2 against the spread. So let’s go Penn on Tuesday Night! (WINNER)

Then on Wednesday the 76ers are playing the Nets. The 76ers are very talented and even with Jimmy Butler as “doubtful” for Wednesday, I think they can handle the Nets easy. I don’t think I can name you anyone on the Nets off the top of my head and in the NBA, that matters. (I suck at betting on the NBA, It’s my worst sport by far. Do not fret though, I’ll keep working on it)

Thursday night football, you know the drill – hammer that over.  I know 55 points sounds like a lot but just do it. It has to happen, its Thursday Night. (WINNER)

On Saturday, it is officially Bowl SZN. I felt very empty last weekend with no college football to bet on so I’m glad it’s back! The Money Shot this week is Appalachian State -7 over Middle Tennessee State. You probably remember Appalachian State from their crazy upset at Michigan back in 2007. And they are still around and making noise. They were the Champions of the Sun Belt (Fun Belt) and are 7-2-2 against the spread this year. I feel like they played a lot of Friday Night games this year and every time i saw the TV they were winning. Plus they go by App state and who doesn’t love apps? Weather its an app on your phone or an appetizer at a restaurant, apps will always have my support! (THE MONEY SHOT IS UNSTOPPABLE)

My favorite NFL bet of betting the lowest over is Washington at Jacksonville this week. 36 points, that’s all we need to win this one, and they will find a way! (They did not, also I lost every bet I placed on Sunday. Not fun, would not recommend)

Hopefully, The Saints can stop my bank account from completely running dry after Sunday. (well shit)

As always leave a comment if you have any thoughts/feelings on the picks or if there are any picks you love. Love you Guys! Lets Get Rich!

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