AAF Odds

Good Saturday, friends! Kyle is super tied up being an adult and kicking ass at his job so I’ve decided to pick up a little bit of the slack and tell you some bets to keep an eye on this weekend. I’m, of course, a huge fan of the AAF (The Alliance) so this week, that’s where my focus is! Notably, my Memphis Express have sucked and it looks grim, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still make it interesting!

Here’s the spread for the weekend (pun intended):

Salt Lake Stallions @ Birmingham Iron (-7) O/U 44
Arizona Hotshots (-13) @ Memphis Express O/U 46
Orlando Apollos (-5.5) @ San Antonio Commanders O/U 44.5
Atlanta Legends @ San Diego Fleet (-9.5) O/U 42.5

In week 1, the home teams were 4-0 and all covered pretty significantly. I’m going to stick with the theme. I’m going with the Birmingham Iron to cover. I’m going with THE MEMPHIS EXPRESS! That’s right. Look, they didn’t score week 1 and if you ask ANYONE who the worst player in the league is, they say Christian Hackenburg; however, that’s why I’m taking them. 13 points is a lot and Memphis is at home – and surely motivated. I’m taking The Express and The Points.

Sunday’s spread features an exciting game between Orlando and San Antonio. Again, I’m going all home teams. I’m taking the Commanders, mostly because they won me a breakfast bet and I have faith in them coming through again. This time for some cold hard cash. The last bet of the week, I’m going with the San Diego Fleet. Atlanta is BAD. REAL BAD. And I have no emotional attachment like I do Memphis, so I’m going SD.

Over Unders….should we? WHY NOT! I’m going Over 44, Under 46, Over 44.5, and Under 42.5. I think The Iron/Stallions may be a bit of a shootout – not crazy, but definitely more than 22-22. The Express have to keep it close and they aren’t going to do it by scoring a bunch of points (or maybe they’ll get shut out, again). I’m going under. The Apollos and Commanders should be the best game of the week and both these teams have some offense. I’m going with the over, here. And last one, Atlanta sucks, I can’t imagine they’re going to score more than 10 – I think this is going to be a 30-10 game and I’m going under.

Let me know who you’ve got this week and happy betting!! Reminder, games start at 2PM EST today. Kyle, we miss you!


Birmingham/Salt Lake 0-2 (BOO!)
Arizona/Memphis 2-0 (YAY!)
Orlando/San Antonio 1-1
San Diego/Atlanta 2-0

Overall 5-3 – not too shabby!