Breakfast Bet Week 3

It’s Breakfast Bet time! As you know, Adam and I are betting breakfast every week and currently I’m 2-0. Because I’m bragging, I’m no doubt going to lose. This week, we are headed to the 3 point contest for some treys and some eggs! (I don’t know, I’m trying here)

We decided to go back and forth to draft all 10 players in the 3 point contest. Whoever picks the winner, WINS! We flipped a coin, and I got the first pick. Here’s the lineups:

Luke: Seth Curry (my pick that he upsets his brother and plays mind games)
Adam: Steph Curry
Luke: Devin Booker
Adam: Danny Green
Luke: Buddy Heild
Adam: Damian Lillard
Luke: Dirk Nowitzki
Adam: Kemba Walker
Luke: Joe Harris
Adam: Khris Middleton

There you have it! Now you know who to cheer for! If you’re rooting for Adam, you’ve got issues. Let’s go for 3-0!

Drop down in the comments and let me know who your pick is. I’ll see if I can convince Adam to trade me (he’s done it before!)

**UPDATE** Joe Harris wins making Luke the 3-0 Breakfast Bet winner!