The Alliance

As you know – this weekend was the opening weekend for the AAF (dubbed The Alliance) and it was quite the weekend! There were two games on Saturday and two on Sunday, in particular, the Memphis Express played Sunday, which is the team I invested my interest in. I’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get to it!

The Games

I watched at least a part of 3 of the 4 games this weekend (two were aired at the same time, in my defense) and the play was actually pretty good. One thing The Alliance has going for them – 3 minutes into it’s existence, THIS happened:

That’s one way to get viewership! There were certainly some sloppy moments but there were also moments where I was convinced some of these players should be in the NFL. I know – they aren’t going against the BEST, but some of the throws and catches I saw were incredible. I mean maybe the Bengals should have stuck with 7th round pick Logan Woodside because he looked good!

The Breakfast Bet

As we mentioned last week – we have a weekly bet. I won the Super Bowl bet and enjoyed a delicious sandwich and we decided week 2 should go to the AAF. I gave Adam the option. San Diego Fleet @ San Antonio Commanders -2.5. Adam took the Fleet because he hates all things San Antonio, I’m pretty sure and I squeaked out another victory! That’s 2-0 for me on Breakfast Bets and I’m enjoying some Dunkin right now because of it!

The Stats

Orlando Apollos 40, Atlanta Legends 6
San Antonio Commanders 15, San Diego Fleet 6 

Birmingham Iron 26, Memphis Express 0
Arizona Hotshots 38, Salt Lake City Stallions 22

Let’s recap here – the worst team of the weekend is none other than MY Memphis Express – so thank you guys for fucking sucking. I appreciate it. Like I don’t see that enough in the NFL. Atlanta struggled as well – especially the offense. Maybe because Michael Vick stepped down as offensive coordinator only days before the season started? I tweeted that Trent Richardson was a beast and he looked decent in the 2nd half. He finished with 56 yards and 2 TDs. Fantasy owners would be stoked?

Orlando looked the best, scoring FORTY (40) and holding Atlanta to the before mentioned 6. Spurrier may be on to something and this is a team to watch. Adam would be happy. How did Andy’s Stallions do? Well, they were in the most competitive game, but they fell to the Hotshots who also looked good. Overall, every home team won in week 1 and it’s only week 1…we shouldn’t panic, right?! I shouldn’t panic….RIGHT?!

While we’re at it…let’s get to it:

The Memphis Express

I’ve already asked to change teams because I can’t watch this all year. Sure, their defense was good for 3 quarters, but Christian Hackenberg was awful and the only bright side is he cusses like a sailor. Um, Christian, you’re mic’d up! First half stats – 3/11, 20 yard and a pick. What have I done?! Okay, guys, remember – we have Zach Mettenberger, too?! Hackenburg finished 10/23 for 87 yards and a pick. Is it too early to call for Singletary to be fired? I have already voiced my displeasure of having him. If I have to keep watching this, I’ll die.

What did you guys think of the opening weekend? Decent enough to keep your attention??