The Memphis Express (I guess…)

Hey guys! Luke here. I’m just doing my duties of covering the Memphis Express for some reason. Week 1 is in the books and boy was it a doozy (shout out, Kyle). Only one team got shut out and it was us! YAY US!

Good news this week – Mike Singletary has said that we are STICKING WITH CHRISTIAN HACKENBERG. The words every Memphis fan wanted to hear…

I could have just said see above GIF but damnit RR is sexy

Okay…there’s got to be some good news… *Checks notes* um, Adam tried to break the news that the Express have signed JaMarcus Russell but I’ve got no hot leads there…fake news thankfully. But if JaMarcus Russell comes to the Express and learns from Mike Singletary – there’s no way WE can fail (because I’m bailing the fuck out of there!)

In week 2, we host the Arizona Hotspots who dominated in week 1. Should be interesting. Stay tuned for more MEMPHIS EXPRESS NEWS! I’ll end this with a quote from our almighty coach. “I think game 2 will show us what game 1 really meant.” … what the fuck? If this isn’t Marvin Lewis, nothing is!!!

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