Thursday Night Beatdown 02/14/2019

Adam comes to the ring: 


Adam:  All of you are aware that we are having some kind of “Creature” issue here at WHOA.  The talent is beginning to get worried about their safety night in and night out because of the missing wrestlers we currently have.  I have assured them, and will assure all of you the fans, that safety is our number one priority, and for this reason Thursday Night Beatdown has been canceled for tonight….(boos)… What?  You want the action to continue!?  OK Then!  We will continue on, we will not be scared of this “Creature” We will go on as scheduled and start with a semi final matchup between Smash and the Flash. 

Smash is the first to the ring in his typical lumbering walk.  He gets to the ring and climbs over the top rope.  The Flash is next and he hits the ramp in a sprint and slides into the ring where he is immediately stomped by smash and the bell rings.  The match appears that it will be a quick one, Smash is throwing The Flash around and not allowing him to build any sort of momentum.  The match continues this way and seems like Smash is assured a spot in the final of the tournament.  The Flash, though, stays resilient and Smash appears to be wearing down, which opens the door for The Flash to use his speed and land a quick dropkick that knocks Smash to the mat, a place he is not familiar with, and he is not getting up quickly.  The Flash continues to stay on him and keeps the kicks coming and Smash cannot seem to stay on his feet.  This could be the upset of the tournament we are seeing.  The Flash climbs to the top rope for the 450 Splash.  He launches off the top rope but Smash refuses to go down easy and catches The Flash mid air!!  He slams him to the ground and seems to be going for the Rock Crusher.  He is moving much too slowly, though, which allows The Flash time to get to his feet and land another dropkick.  The Flash quickly gets back to the top rope and hits the 450 Splash!!  1…2….3!!  The Flash has upset Smash and will move on to face Sphinx in the final… yes, Sphinx vs. The Flash for a shot at Karnage, no one could have seen this coming!

Next match tonight is a tag team matchup.  It will see The Storm and Jason Bull taking on a new group, The Old Age Outlaws, Riott and Rager. 

The Storm and Jason Bull enter the ring first and everyone seems to be very curious what to expect from these two as partners since they began their careers by taking on one another.  The Old Age Outlaws enter next and the crowd immediately embraces their upbeat music and attitudes, they are playing directly to the fans!  They enter the ring and first it will be Rager vs The Storm.  The match starts with exchanging punches and The Storm doesn’t seem quite sure what to expect from Rager.  But it shows quickly that The Old Age Outlaws are far and above the superior TEAM in this match.  They work together over and over teaming up on Storm each time he comes near their corner.  He finally escapes and gets a tag to Jason Bull, at the same time Rager tags Riott and the two fresh wrestlers meet in the middle of the ring but Rager stays in briefly to team up on Bull. The Bull is thrown out of the ring by the two and The Storm goes over to talk with him and is greeted with an angry Jason Bull.  They are arguing about The Storm not helping during the double team and this team does not seem to be working well for either of them.  Jason Bull slides back into the ring before the count out and is greeted by Riott stomping him immediately, in the meantime The Storm IS LEAVING!!, he is walking up the ramp, he is abandoning Jason Bull for a 2 on 1.  Riott and Rager take turns tagging in and out until finally after a few more minutes of beating they hit the “Crowd Control” and Riott makes the pin, 1..2…3… this one is over and Jason Bull should be furious with The Storm, and for good reason.  The Old Age Outlaws actually stick around and help Bull up and out of the ring, at least they seem to be a good team to him.

Ted:  With the missing wrestlers we currently have it seems like we will be ending tonight after that last tag match, we are gla….(The Flukes music comes on)

The Fluke

The Fluke comes to the ring with Adam.

Adam:  The Fluke is here and finally back in good health, he has a message for The Creature, and he would like to share that…(everything goes black) Lights come back on and THE CREATURE IS STANDING IN THE RING WITH ADAM AND THE FLUKE, THIS IS UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!  This is the first real interaction we have seen from The Creature. 

Adam:  Creature, The Fluke wants a match…. He wants to fight you, and he wants Lady Luck back if he wins…. Do you accept??

Creature:  Nods…

Ted:  Holy hell, we have a match!!

The bell rings and Adam gets the hell out of the ring.  Creature is much much larger than The Fluke but the Fluke has rage on his side and is pummeling The Creature, but it does not seem to be phasing him.  He doesn’t seem to care to put up much of a fight though, I guess we don’t even know if he can wrestle.  He quickly though shows he can and picks up The Fluke over his head and slams him to the mat and then hits a leg drop.  Fluke bounces back up and they go back to exchanging blows.  The Fluke is looking better than ever before, and it doesn’t appear the Creature was expecting this type of fury.  Suddenly the Fluke hits him with a dropkick and seems like he may actually win this match.  The Fluke is climbing to the top rope!! What is he doing!? He appears to be ready to end this match and get Lady Luck back.  He launches from the top rope and the lights go out while he is in mid air.  You hear something hit the mat and then the lights come back on, The Creature is gone! Fluke is laying in a pool of blood, and there is Luke, Karnage, and Lil Stinker laying in the ring as well. Where is Lady Luck!?  Where is The Creature!?  Will we ever see the end of this nightmare!?  We will have to see what Monday brings. 

Rager 1-0
Riot 1-0
Lady Luck 1-0
Sid Snider 4-1
Smash 4-1-1
Karnage 2-1-2 **WHOA World Champion**
Scumbag Sam 4-3
The Flash 4-4
Jason Bull 2-2
The Creature 0-0-1
Lil Stinker 2-4-1
The Storm 1-2
The Fluke 1-2-2
Sphinx 2-5
The Quake 0-3-1

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