WHOA – Spoiled Rumble

Luke: Welcome to the first annual WHOA Spoiled Rumble!
Adam: We’re live tonight from Detroit, Michigan! Thanks for having us.
Luke: Tonight we will have our first ever Spoiled Rumble with only 9 participants…
Adam: That’s because we will also have our first ever Tag Team match and one member of our roster will not be in the Spoiled Rumble.
Luke: The winner of the Spoiled Rumble will become the first ever WHOA World Champion!!
Adam: But enough about that – let’s get this show started and check and see how Smash and Quake are doing with their tag team partner search. Teddy, take it away!

Ted Tickletooth

Ted: First, I want to let the fans know we are trying to get details on the missing Lady Luck. Lady Luck was abducted at the end of the show on Thursday and no one has seen or heard from her since. We will certainly be keeping you updated. Luke and Adam did just announce a 9 person Rumble – so maybe they know something we don’t and maybe Lady Luck is okay after all! Both Smash and Quake have been scouring the backstage area to try to find the perfect partner to help them make the Spoiled Rumble. There’s been talk that both have had some difficulties finding the right fit. There’s not a lot of time left because here we go!

Quake comes out to a loud roar and walks to the ring. Things get quiet after his music starts and everyone is glued to the entrance ramp. All of a sudden, a familiar upbeat song hits and The Flash runs out to cheers! Quake will team with The Flash to take on Smash and his partner of choosing. Speaking of, here comes Smash. Smash walks down with a purpose, wielding his hammer and looking to hurt someone. He tries to go after Quake immediately – but the referee holds him back. All eyes again turn to the entrance to see who Smash has picked. It’s really going to be an interesting choice because Smash is not someone who many people could get along with. It’s a long, dramatic moment….

La Cucaracha hits the speakers and out comes Lil Stinker! What an interesting choice! In Episode 2, Smash left Lil Stinker laying and we weren’t sure how he would survive. But tonight, Lil Stinker is Smash’s tag team partner. This should be interesting

Smash and Quake start the match and go after each other exchanging fast and hard punches. The crowd erupts as this match is going to be good! Quake finally gets the upper hand and throws Smash into the turnbuckle. He tags in The Flash and Flash really hits a series of quick strikes, causing Smash to flee the ring. He gathers himself on the outside as Quake and The Flash get the crowd going!

The match pace stays fast as Quake and Flash exchange tags, working well as a team. Smash and Lil Stinker aren’t quite as cordial and there appears to be tension with each and every forceful tag. Lil Stinker holds his own with both Quake and The Flash and the match is really quite competitive. Lil Stinker tags Smash in as The Flash is down on the ground. He takes the opportunity to get a couple more kicks in before Smash takes over – quite against Lil Stinker’s normal character.

Quake takes offense and tries to enter the ring as the referee turns to restrain him. Lil Stinker slides into the ring and HITS THE FLASH WITH A LOW BLOW! What is he doing?! The Flash doubles over in pain and then Smash hits him with The Rock Crusher. The referee turns around and did not see it at all. Lil Stinker runs and hits Quake with a dropkick and the referee counts 1, 2, 3. Smash will be the first entrant of the Spoiled Rumble and The Quake will have to sit this one out. What a huge turn of events!

Ted: It is now time for the Spoiled Rumble. Smash remains in the ring as the first entrant. There are 8 other entrants. Entrants 1 and 2 will enter at the beginning and every 90 seconds, another entrant will come to the ring. Eliminations occur when a person is thrown over the top rope and both of their feet hit the floor. One person will stand tall and, tonight, that man or woman will become the first ever WHOA World Champion! There are 8 confirmed participants and we hope number 9 is Lady Luck and that she’s okay.

The Spoiled Rumble Participants

The second entrant comes out and it’s Lil Stinker! The two men who just tagged together are now the first two entrants in the Spoiled Rumble. Lil Stinker is getting a much more mixed reaction from the crowd than he was earlier. He enters the ring as he and Smash stare each other down. Lil Stinker takes a couple steps back as the two seem to agree to some sort of truce. What the hell is going on?! The clock comes up and we are counting down to entrant number 3. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……….


Sphinx comes out as entrant number 3. Man, Sphinx cannot catch a break. He climbs into the ring and is immediately pummeled by both Smash and Lil Stinker. Sphinx may have been better off waiting on the outside for entrant number 4. Smash makes quick work of Sphinx and eliminates him easily. Smash and Lil Stinker again look at each other, but no punches are thrown.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

Ted: Ohhhh Boy! There will be punches thrown now!

Sid Snider

Sid Snider is coming out and things are going to get heated. Sid steps over the top rope and immediately the three men start trading blows. It’s 2 on 1 versus Sid and the three men are just beating the literal crap out of each other. Sid powers up and throws both Smash and Lil Stinker down but they both get up quickly and ground Snider. This is every man for himself but Smash and Lil Stinker seem to be working well together right now.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….


Karnage is the 5th entrant. He slowly walks down the ramp, in no hurry to get in and enter that dog fight. Karnage pulls up a chair on the outside and sits down and watches as Smash, Lil Stinker, and Sid Snider continue fighting in the ring. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

The Flash

Out comes The Flash! He runs out quickly and clotheslines Karnage from behind. He tosses him into the ring and immediately goes after Lil Stinker. He has a beef with Stinker now after that uncalled for low blow! The ring is starting to get crowded and the fight is heating up!

The Flash hits a running dropkick on Lil Stinker sending him up against the ropes. He looks back and takes off running and hits another dropkick, sending Lil Stinker over the top and eliminating him! Retribution!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Scumbag Sam

Scumbag Sam enters next and he quickly tries to dump the Flash over the top ropes. The Flash reverses it and now Sam is in a heap of trouble! He’s laying across the ropes near the ring post. The Flash is trying to push him out but can’t seem to get it done. He steps back and Scumbag Sam relaxes. Suddenly, Flash gives him a big boot to the midsection and Sam goes flying off the ropes, eliminating him from the match. Sam is NOT happy!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

The Fluke

Out comes The Fluke at number 8. That’s all of the participants we know. He looks like he’s pre-occupied. He looks like he’s more concerned about Lady Luck being the 9th entrant than him even being in the Rumble. The Fluke reluctantly climbs into the ring and immediately catches a big boot by Sid Snider. If The Fluke was thinking about something, he’s definitely not now!

Meanwhile, Smash has turned his attention to the Flash. The two are brawling in the corner. Smash is using his sheer strength to wear down Flash, who has already taken a beating. He hits a Rock Crusher in the corner and then tosses The Flash over the top rope. 4 competitors remain in the ring.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…….

All eyes turn toward the entrance, especially The Fluke. Is it the return of Lady Luck? The lights in the entire arena go black. The fans get quiet with murmurs of what the hell is going on. Suddenly the lights come back on.

The Creature

What in the hell is that?! There is a man standing in the middle of the ring and all 4 other competitors are absolutely destroyed, laying around the ring. This creature has destroyed everyone. Who is he?! Where did he come from? The Creature walks toward the ropes and climbs over the top and leaves the ring. I think this guy just eliminated himself but he doesn’t seem to care about that? How did he destroy 4 people by himself? Where is Lady Luck? Did he have something to do with it?

We still have a show here, ladies and gentlemen. We still have a champion to crown! The Fluke is the first back to his feet but he just walks over to the ropes and stares. His concern for Lady Luck is now real. She was not the 9th and final entrant of the Spoiled Rumble. Karnage begins to stir and looks over at Fluke. He quickly takes advantage and tosses Fluke over the top rope. We’re down to 3: Karnage, Smash, and Sid Snider.

Karnage immediately targets Smash, who has yet to get to his feet. Sid Snider begins stirring and Karnage encourages him to help. The two are stomping Smash, who is tired from his earlier match and who knows what kind of beating these men just suffered at the hands of The Creature. Karnage tries to pull Smash up, but can’t get the much bigger man to his feet. Again, he commands Snider to help him and he obliges. Between the two of them, they finally get Smash over the top rope and we’re down to 2. Karnage is celebrating, showing Sid their work, pointing at Smash on the outside. Sid Snider, for only a half second, takes his eyes away from Karnage and Karnage takes advantage. He stomps Snider in the back of the knee, bringing the big man down. Karnage continues to chop his bare chest and punch him in the face. Sid staggers to his feet, but Karnage is able to hit the Bloodbath! Now can he get him over the top rope? Karnage drags Snider to the ropes and uses them to prop him up. It takes all of his might, but he finally dumps Snider over the top. Karnage is the last man standing! Karnage is the winner.

Ted: Our winner and NEW WHOA World Champion: Karnage! We’re out of time as confetti falls down on Karnage and he is presented with his new title belt. Lots of questions. Who was that creature today? Where is Lady Luck? And how will WHOA respond with Karnage as it’s champion? See you tomorrow!

Sphinx eliminated by Smash
Lil Stinker eliminated by The Flash
Scumbag Sam eliminated by The Flash
The Flash eliminated by Smash
The Creature eliminated himself
The Fluke eliminated by Karnage
Smash eliminated by Sid Snider/Karnage
Sid Snider eliminated by Karnage

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