Thursday Night Beatdown, Season 1, Episode 4


Adam:  Welcome everyone to WHOA’s first Thursday Night Beatdown.  I will be the one controlling our Thursday night’s so without anything further Teddy, take it away!

Teddy Tickletooth

Ted:  Here we are 3 days away from WHOA’s Spoiled Rumble and PPV debut, and we have a giant issue that needs to be fixed.  Adam while you are out here, let’s discuss Monday’s fiasco.  Let’s go ahead and bring out the big guys.

Smash and Quake start their way down to the ring looking very prepared to begin taking turns knocking the shit out of each other again, but Adam waiting in the ring with a mic has led everyone to believe this will not be the case.

Adam:  Quake, Smash, you two were the main event Monday, and you two could not seem to finish what you had started in the allowed match time.  As you know, this was for a spot in the Spoiled Rumble, after that I should let neither of you in the Rumble.  Watching that match was a disgrace.  However, I’m going to give you both another chance (Smash and Quake begin to go after one another) whoa whoa whoa, not here, not now.  We will do this Sunday at the Spoiled Rumble before the main event…. And it will be a TAG MATCH!!!  You both must pick your tag partner, and pick wisely because this match will STILL control which of you get into the Spoiled Rumble main event.  You both WILL NOT be in, so do not tie again or you both will miss it.  Now, get out of my ring and find your partners.  Teddy, back to you. 

First match of the night is The Flash vs. Sid Snider.  This is a rematch from Episode 2 where Sid dominated The Flash.

The Flash comes down first and in a dead sprint sliding into the ring and running to be on a turnbuckle and get the crowd amped up.    Sid comes down the ramp aggressively and focused on the match.  They are staring each other down and the bell rings.  This match starts off much like their prior match, Sid takes control early with his strength and is dominating The Flash.  This time though The Flash seems to have learned his lesson and backs away and starts running toward the ropes, he bounces off and hits Sid with a flying body taking them both to the mat and going for the quick pin.  Sid kicks out and by doing so sends The Flash flying.  They both pop up, but The Flash gets up quicker and goes straight to a drop kick sending Sid back down, and the momentum seems to be shifting to The Flash.  This continues for the next several minutes and it appears that Sid is heading toward his first defeat.  After a kick to the midsection The Flash appears to be trying to end it.  He runs and bounces off the ropes and comes flying back AND CATCHES THE PRISION YARD PUNCH FROM SID, FLASH HITS THE MAT AND IS COVERED FOR THE 1…2…3, ITS OVER, SID ENDS IT WITH THE PRISION YARD PUNCH OUT OF NOWHERE AND REMAINS UNBEATEN.

  Second match of the night see Scumbag Sam taking on Sphinx.

Scumbag Sam enters the ring first and is walking down the ramp like a man possessed since he lost his last match to a female, it’s obvious he isn’t over that.  Sphinx stumbles to the ring looking confused like normal.  The two enter the ring and the bell rings, Sphinx immediately attacks Scumbag Sam, which seems to catch Sam a bit off guard and Sphinx momentarily looks like competition.  This ends as soon as Sam throws a knee to the midsection of Sphinx causing him to hit the mat.  As he is rolling around Sam begins to kick him continuously causing the ref to have to step in, Sam throws the ref aside and continues to kick him for a few more seconds until the ref finally gets him away.  Sphinx rolls out of the ring looking to collect himself, and oddly Sam allows him time to do so.  Sphinx climbs back into the ring and once again tries to catch his opponent off guard with punches, but this time is stopped and Sam goes back into the beating he had been issuing before, many are beginning to wonder if it is safe for Sphinx to continue his wrestling career.  Moments later with Sphinx once again laying lifeless on the mat Scumbag Sam hits him with the Dumpster Dive and this match is finally over after the quick 3 count.  Sphinx is once again helped out of the ring after a match.  

Tonight’s main event will feature Karnage vs. The Fluke.

Karnage’s music begins to play and slowly out walks Karnage with his typical scowl, he has a mic in his hand and immediately asks for the music to be turned off, he has something to say. 

Karnage: (speaks while walking to the ring) The Fluke, this is who you assign me for competition?? Have you seen all the ass kickings I have been handing out the last few weeks?  This is a joke, you might as well send that blue haired goon out here with him to attempt to make it fair.  (drops mic)

The Fluke enters the ring accompanied by Lady Luck and it seems Karnage’s speech may have lit a fire in his ass as he looks mad for once. 

The match begins and Fluke quickly sees he is outmatched.  Karnage hits him with several body blows in a row then hits him with a drop kick to the head.  It appears the pin could have happened now but Karnage appears to be trying to send a message to the GM’s for putting The Fluke against him.  The Fluke hasn’t gotten a single blow in but somehow continues to get to his feet for more of a beating. Lady Luck looks on and Is beginning to seem concerned about Flukes safety and is begging the ref to end the match, but the ref ignores the requests.  Finally after 15 minutes of a beating Karnage appears to be going for his finisher to end this bloodbath.  Karnage gets into position and the entire arena goes black!! The lights have all gone off and it is pitch black but the sounds coming from the ring give the impression that fighting is still going on.  30 seconds later the lights come back on and Karnage and The Fluke are both laying unconscious in the middle of the ring and LADY LUCK IS MISSING, SHE IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.  Adam and Ted both come running into the ring looking confused and concerned as paramedics enter the ring to tend to the wrestlers.  As they are tending to them the time limit on the telecast comes to an end. 

Ted: It appears there is much to be discussed leading into the weekends PPV.  Let’s all hope Lady Luck is OK.. wherever she is…

Sid Snider 3-0
Karnage 2-0-1
Smash 2-0-1
Lady Luck 1-0
Scumbag Sam 2-1
Lil Stinker 1-1
The Quake 0-1-1
The Fluke 0-1-1
The Flash 0-3
Sphinx 0-4

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