Season 1, Episode 2

Ted Tickletooth

Ted kicks off the show: Welcome to the second episode of WHOA, presented by Opinions Anonymous. A great first episode on Monday, which you can recap here. A lot going on but we are going to jump right in with tonight’s first match!

Lil Stinker is introduced for his first action of WHOA.  La Cucaracha fills the arena speakers and the people all cheer like its half price marg night at your favorite Mexican restaurant.  Lil Stinker takes on the ramp at a full sprint wearing what appears to be a sombrero and a smile.  He slides into the ring and begins yelling something to the crowd in Spanish, they all look confused and the cheering calms.

Smash enters the ring exactly as he did Monday, slow and angry.  He appears to nearly assault a fan who reached for his hammer, let that be a lesson, do NOT try to touch smash’s hammer.  He gets to the ring and much like Monday immediately goes for Lil Stinker, the bell rings, match begins. 

It starts out as a physical assault on Lil Stinker and honestly never gets much better.  Lil Stinker had a cut above his right eye before he even landed his first blow.  Once he did land a blow though the match resembled a competition for roughly 2-3 minutes.  Suddenly Smash seemed to come out of some nice guy trance (apparently the earlier beating was him being nice) he goes into a rage and begins beating Lil Stinker like no person in this world deserves.  The beating continues with the ref stepping in on three different occasions because of holds lasting beyond the allotted time, this just seemed to make Smash angrier. 

Finally Smash appeared to feel some sympathy for Lil Stinker and put him through the Rock Crusher (Smash’s Signature Move), and then pinning him for the well overdue 3-count. 

Update:  Lil Stinker did leave the ring under his own power, Doctors are not sure when the feeling will return to the left side of his face. 

The Fluke comes out to a soft reaction from the crowd. Most people aren’t sure whether The Fluke is a super massive wrestler or why he carries a rock. The one thing they do know; however, is that Scumbag Sam deserves some boos. As appropriately noted, this guy just looks like someone you want to punch in the face (appropriate he’s a wrestler). Sam actually spits on a fan’s face on his way to the ring. Absolutely disgusting.

The match starts and Scumbag Sam grabs The Fluke by the head and tosses him to the ground, just toying with him like a younger brother. Sam takes a moment to flip off the WHOA universe as boos continue to pour in. The Fluke tries to muster up some energy and bull charges Scumbag Sam but he moves out of the way, sending The Fluke into the ring post. He’s favoring his arm pretty badly. Scumbag Sam wastes no time to take advantage. He focuses on the arm and continues to damage Fluke’s limb. Sam waits on every hold until the referee reaches his 5 count to avoid disqualification. Truly a scumbag.

As Sam toys with the Fluke, the crowd starts to cheer and get on their feet as Lady Luck appears at the top of the ramp. She runs down and starts to cheer on The Fluke. The Fluke doesn’t see her, but the crowd starts to get into it. Scumbag Sam is getting angry, now yelling at the fans and yelling at Lady Luck. Fluke finally notices her. He walks over to the ring apron, almost confused (or excited) that she’s there. He walks right past Sam, almost unknowingly. Sam shrugs at the inexperienced move and takes advantage, hitting The Fluke from behind with the Dumpster Dive. Sam covers Fluke for the pin with a 1, 2, 3. Lady Luck came out to try to help, but it only seems she confused The Fluke and made it worse. Scumbag Sam tries to kiss Lady Luck on the outside but she narrowly escapes to check on The Fluke. Ugly situation out there.

Adam’s exclusive 1 on 1 interview with Karnage

Adam – Karnage, congrats on your win Monday, a lot of people think the win was slightly dirty, any comments on the late blow that people are referring to?

Karnage – Any person who says that was a dirty win needs to understand something, I do not care what you think, I won the match, that’s all that matters.

Adam – You have been left off the ticket tonight, is that because of Monday?

Karnage – Because of my win Monday?  I don’t think I like the way you keep insinuating that it was anything more than a win.  I’m not on the ticket tonight because I AM the ticket, I tell them when I wrestle, they don’t tell me.

Adam – Seems like you think pretty highly of yourself, do you think you will get a shot at the first title of the WHOA?

Karnage – if they give anyone else the belt they are wasting their time and clearly don’t understand wrestling.  I pray the idiots in charge aren’t that stupid.

Adam – You know I’m one of those “idiots” right?

Karnage – I do, and??

Adam – Maybe we should wrap this interview up before you say something you might regret? Anything you would like to say to your fans to close?

Karnage – I regret nothing I say or do! (hits Adam with a low blow knee, Adam crumbles to the floor dropping the mic). (Karnage picks up the Mic) As for my fans, do not pretend to understand me, I’m climbing this association to the top without you, I am doing this alone!  (Drops mic and walks away)

(Adam continues to roll around holding himself and groaning)

In the main event, Sid Snider takes on The Flash. Sid comes down the ramp very serious and fast paced. He doesn’t even seem to notice there are fans booing in his face – or at a minimum he doesn’t care. The Flash comes out to cheers as he dives into the ring with his trademark slide. Sid wastes no time, though and stops him before he can even get up. The referee rings the bell. The match is underway!

Sid continues to devastate Flash, not allowing him to get to his feet. Sid’s strength is obviously superior, but his agility is close to Flash’s as well. He finally let’s Flash up to his feet before hitting a running dropkick. Sid is an amazing show of talent. His only downfall is his arrogance and that catches up with him. The Flash takes advantage and gets a couple kicks into the mosnter’s leg. Sid falls to one knee and Flash hits a hurricanrana, taking the big man down. The crowd gets on their feet, trying to cheer Flash on. Flash hits some more offense and it looks like he will take the upper hand. It’s quickly halted as he climbs the top rope and gets caught with an upper cut on his way down. Sid nearly took his head off!

Sid sets up The Flash and is going for his finisher – The Prison Yard Punch – but Flash ducks it! Flash hits the ropes and tries a flying clothesline but Sid doesn’t budge. Flash hits back again and tries to take the Sid down, but only can make him stumble. Third time is the charm? He hits the ropes and jumps in the air to tackle Sid….BOOM! Sid catches Flash mid-air with the Prison Yard Punch and Flash is out. Sid puts a fut on The Flash for the pinfall as he shakes off the strikes from The Flash. Sid walks out as The Flash is laid out in the ring.

Another great show this week and another big week for the heels. Will this be an ongoing theme or will the faces get some aggression? Stay tuned!