Fights Camera Action!, Season 1, Episode 3

Luke welcomes everyone to his first solo Monday Night Show!

Luke: Hello and welcome to WHOA! *crowd cheers* It has been decided that I will be controlling the Monday Night Show, titled *drum roll* Fights, Camera, Action! WHOA FCA is here live every Monday night! We’ve got a great episode in store tonight and without further ado, let’s get it on!

Sid Snider 2-0
Smash 2-0
Karnage 1-0
Scumbag Sam 1-0
The Quake 0-1
Lil Stinker 0-1
Sphinx 0-1
The Fluke 0-1
The Flash 0-2

Ted Tickletooth

Ted: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and privilege to announce on behalf of Adam, Luke, and all of WHOA that this coming Sunday, January 27, WHOA will be presenting their first ever PPV – The Spoiled Rumble! It’s also been rumored that WHOA will crown the first ever WHOA World Champion!! Stay tuned for more information!

Backstage, Scumbag Sam approaches Lady Luck and The Fluke discussing the miscommunication last week. Lady Luck apologies for distracting The Fluke. Scumbag Sam disrespects them both and The Fluke backs down, shyly. Lady Luck steps up and says Sam can’t talk to them like that! He laughs and asks what she is going to do about it. Lady Luck challenges Scumbag Sam to a match!! He accepts and heads towards the ring.

Scumbag Sam walks down, basically laughing about his upcoming match. He’s giving Lady Luck no credibility. Lady Luck comes out, followed by The Fluke, and she marches straight to the ring. She’s ready to fight! The referee seems uncertain, but rings the bell. The match is on! Scumbag Sam uses his power (and sleaze) to throw Lady Luck on the ground immediately. She looks frustrated, but gets back up and shakes it off. The Fluke claps from outside and gets the fans behind Lady Luck. Scumbag Sam smirks and grapples with LL again. He pushes her back, but she hits the ropes and surprises SS with a smack to the face! Sam looks rattled and LL wastes no time hitting the ropes again and striking Sam in the face. She runs around the ring, using her superior speed to get Sam backwards and she takes out his leg from behind, sending Sam to the mat. Lady Luck stomps Sam while he is down as the crowd starts to build interest. Luck hits the ropes and splashes down on Sam for a 2 count. Sam looks flustered and rolls out of the ring.

He’s shaking off the early onslaught but Lady Luck isn’t waiting. She hits the ropes and does a suicide dive to the outside taking out Sam!! The crowd goes wild as LL gets up and cheers! “Lady Luck! Lady Luck! Lady Luck!” the crowd starts to chant. Luck rolls Sam back into the ring and continues her offense. She climbs up the turnbuckle to go for a big splash, but Sam rolls out of the way. LL has injured her ribs. Sam wastes no time taking advantage. He picks up Luck and body slams her hard onto the mat. She’s writhing in pain. Sam takes a moment to boast to the crowd.

Lady Luck tries to pull herself up on the ropes and The Fluke gets up on the apron to check on his friend. He asks if he should stop the match, but Luck says she’s okay. Sam sees the meeting and takes off running to hit Luck with a big boot. LL moves out of the way and Scumbag Sam hits The Fluke with his boot, sending him flying off the apron. As he’s distracted by Fluke falling outside, Lady Luck rolls up Scumbag Sam from behind. The ref counts…1, 2, 3!!! Lady Luck has upset Scumbag Sam and he’s furious!! He has no idea what just happened! Lady Luck scrambles out of the ring up towards the ramp. Lady Luck has just defeated Scumbag Sam! Sam cannot believe this. This cannot bode well for the future!

The second matchup of the night is a battle between two faces – but in WHOA, every win and loss matters, so sometimes friends fight and sometimes enemies team. Tonight, two good guys will have to face off when Lil Stinker fights Sphinx.

Lil Stinker comes out as La Cucaracha fills the arena speakers again and the smell of margaritas fill the air. Sphinx comes out to a much more calm reaction as the “mad” scientist is always an odd character. Sphinx walks up to Lil Stinker and tries to outpower him, consistent with his misinterpretation of his strength. Lil Stinker easily overpowers the scientist and takes advantage with a headlock. One suplex after another, Lil Stinker takes a clear advantage early. Sphinx turns the table with a hard shot to the ribs that Smash had injured on just Thursday. Lil Stinker is desperately in pain, again.

Sphinx takes a very specific approach as he surveys his opponent. He calculates every move and what the outcome may be. Some would say he is overthinking it in the ring and he’s a step slow because of it, but it seems to be working as he keeps Lil Stinker grounded. He sets up Lil Stinker to go for his finisher, the Beaker Blast, but Lil Stinker ducks it and hits Sphinx with a stunner. Lil Stinker climbs to the top rope and gives the fans his patented toke gesture. He leaps and hits the Axe Splash, covering Sphinx for the 1, 2, 3. Lil Stinker gets his first win in WHOA in a hard fought battle!


As Sphinx is gathering himself and getting up out of the ring, Karnage’s music hits and he comes out to the ring. Sphinx is walking up the ramp and Karnage just blasts him with a clothesline. He throws Sphinx into the ring and stomps him viciously. Karnage walks to the side of the ring and asks for a microphone.

Karnage: I told Adam last week, I do what I want, when I want! I show up when I want and I fight who I want! I own this promotion! And right now I’m going to fight Sphinx! Someone get me a referee! *tosses mic*

A referee runs out into the ring and tries to talk Karnage out of this. He demands that he ring the bell and start the match. The ref remembers the low blow that Adam got the week before and quickly obliges. This match is underway!

Karnage picks up Sphinx and quickly hits him with the Bloodbath. He goes for the cover but gets up at 2 and says he’s not done. He hits Sphinx with ANOTHER Bloodbath and then boasts to the crowd. The referee begs him to end the match. Karnage spits in his face, then hits a third Bloodbath on Sphinx and finally covers him for the 3 count. Karnage has left Sphinx laying and exits the ring, proud of his work. A truly disgusting man.

Quake (right), Luke (middle), and Smash (right)

Quake walks up to Luke backstage and admits his disappointment in losing week 1. Quake asks if there is any way Luke would consider letting him enter the Spoiled Rumble? He’s even offered to take the first spot to prove his worth. Before Luke can answer, Smash shows up wielding his patented hammer. Smash looks Quake over and laughs. “You’ve never even won in this promotion and you want to be in the Spoiled Rumble? You’re a joke. You shouldn’t even be here.” Luke diffuses the situation and makes a decision.

Luke: Quake – you have a chance to be in the Spoiled Rumble. And Smash you do too. But you both can’t be in. Tonight, right now, there’s going to be a match between Quake and Smash. The winner will be in the Spoiled Rumble and the loser will not. You guys can go settle this the proper way.

Smash and Quake barely make it to the ring without brawling, but they get inside the squared circle. The two exchange heavy blows basically daring one another to hit them harder. Smash gets a running start and shoulder bumps Quake but he doesn’t budge. Quake does the same and Smash doesn’t budge. These are two powerhouses! Finally Smash goes for a running clothesline, but Quake ducks it, both building momentum and hitting the ropes – the two men collide and both hit the mat with a loud thud! The referee starts the 10 count but only gets to 5 before both men make it to their feet.

This was a great back and forth battle between two really strong members of the WHOA roster – both vying for that coveted spot in the Spoiled Rumble. Each wrestler gained momentum during the match only to be halted and reversed by the other. The battle continues between these two massive stars with near fall after near fall. The match continues on as Smash tries to go for his hammer to get an advantage. Quake dodges the hammer and hits Smash with the Earthquake – but he’s too gassed to cover him. He slowly crawls over and covers Smash. 1, 2,….kick out! Smash is so resilient! Both men lay on their backs and the referee checks his watch and rings the bell. What is going on? The referee talks to the announcer. Ted comes on the mic.

Ted: The match has reached the 20 minute time limit. The referee has declared this match a draw!

Oh no! What will happen for the spot in the Spoiled Rumble? Will both men get in? Will neither make it? Adam is going to have to sort this out on his first night! Thank you folks. See you next time for some more WHOA!

Sid Snider 2-0
Karnage 2-0
Smash 2-0-1
Lady Luck 1-0
Lil Stinker 1-1
Scumbag Sam 1-1
The Quake 0-1-1
The Fluke 0-1
The Flash 0-2
Sphinx 0-3

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  1. Loving the Karnage storyline. Also find it hysterical that the announcer is a ginger (I’m not sure why). Also please don’t make the Fluke to be annoying like Lio Rush…but more like a Hornswoggle (using size to advantage but not ridiculously annoying)

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