Big Legend – A Movie Review

Big Legend (2018)

Big Legend…a movie I’ve been waiting to review for months now! Why?? It’s about BIGFOOT! That’s right. A full fledged 2018 film centered around our favorite creature, Bigfoot. First, let me say, I was one of 1,200 people to rate this movie (therefore probably even watch it). For reference, Django Unchained has 1.2 million ratings. The Lion King has 810,000 ratings. I don’t know, it seemed like I was one of the few and seemed cool?

I went in to this movie with less than zero expectations – and only watched for Bigfoot purposes and this film….met expectations? I mean I thought the acting was pretty bad, but what do you expect? Maybe it was the fact that the secondary character said the word “chief” no less than 47 times. That got old. But, I guess, the story was decent? A guy and his (soon to be) fiance head out to the pacific northwest for a little camping action. They’re in their tent and start to hear something weird so the guy goes out to see what the hell it is. He finds some stones stacked up (this is weird because it’s mentioned a couple times and never comes back to it…) and some weird noises.

Then, suddenly, he hears his fiance scream as their tent gets ripped away into the darkness. Then we flash forward 12 months – where Tyler (main character) has spent the last year in a mental institution. Look, if believing in Bigfoot gets you in the loony bin, consider us all fucked! He gets out and immediately goes out for revenge! One night, sleeping in his car, he gets attacked by Bigfoot! (not shown yet, appropriately building the mystique) Then, all of a sudden, a random guy shows and they’re suddenly partners.

Eventually, Bigfoot throws a rock and breaks the sidekick’s leg – and I’m fine with it but here’s where my issues come in. They set up camp…and then for 5 minutes it just goes back and forth from day to night back to day and night. So they spent 4 nights in the same spot, not trying to get help or to safety, when clearly the one guy needs help? Maybe that’s the point, actually. Now that I’m writing it, maybe I’m figuring out the movie? Tyler wasn’t going to leave until he killed the beast? Anyway, so the sidekick eventually just says fuck it and bails to not hold Tyler back anymore and he’s found dead the next morning. Shocker. Then, Tyler builds a huge trap and waits (for days?) and Bigfoot eventually shows. So he tries to blow him up.

The ending is truly great and probably helped the movie and then generated a question mark – but here it is. Tyler is in the hospital and the nurse is very strange (and hot) and asks “You do know what you saw, right?” and then some guy appears out of the shadows and it’s unveiled that they are putting together a team! A very specific team of people with very specific attributes and at the end of a film that 1,200 people saw, they announced the sequel!! It’s kind of weird, kind of cool, and kind of very well done? I liked it.

Rating: 4.0/10

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