Thursday Night Beatdown 01/31/2019

Ted Tickletooth

Ted:  Welcome everyone to Thursday Night Beatdown!!  We have an action-packed show for you tonight so we will quickly recap Monday’s finale and then get straight to the action.  Monday’s show finished with quite the drama which saw The Fluke taking down Sid Snider in the first match of our tournament leading up to the next PPV which will determine who will challenge Karnage for the World Championship.  Fluke got the win thanks to someone or something that took care of business under the cover of complete darkness.  Unfortunately for The Fluke though, there has still be no sighting of Lady Luck or any word on her whereabouts. 

That’s enough about Monday, let’s get into the action.

The first match tonight sees The Flash taking on Scumbag Sam.  We’re hoping The Flash has recovered following the beating he received Monday after his win against Lil Stinker. 

Flash is first to the ring and comes in on a dead sprint per usual, seems to be feeling better.  Scumbag Sam enters to the raining down boos and climbs into the ring and immediately goes after Flash in an effort to get the upper hand by surprise.  Flash counters and the match is off.  They go back and forth with the momentum, Sam seems to be the superior grappler but cannot seem to keep up with the much faster Flash.  The back and forth continues briefly and then The Flash lands a flying kick sending Scumbag Sam to the mat setting up the 450 Splash.  Flash climbs up but not fast enough as Sam recovers and knocks The Flash off the turnbuckle and all the way to the mat outside the ring.  At that moment someone comes out of the crowd and is assaulting The Flash, the ref sees it but there is nothing he can do except call for the bell and the DQ.  HOLY SHIT ITS LIL STINKER!!! He was in the stands waiting for his chance and it came as soon as Flash fell outside the ring, he is continuously beating on The Flash; security is on its way to the ring but Lil Stinker is already back into the crowd and gone.


Commissioner Adam comes to the ring. 

Adam:  Lil Stinker, we have seen enough of this.  The continued sneak attacks must stop.  I should issue a suspension against you, but instead I have a better idea.  Next, you will fight in your first round matchup of the tournament… and you will face off against… SMASH!!

Smash’s music hits and out the monster comes.  He is a full head taller and close to 80lbs heavier than Lil Stinker, and it seems obvious that Adam wants to see Lil Stinker punished. 

La Cucaracha hits and out comes Stinker but he does not seem quite as peppy as before, perhaps this matchup leaves him a little worried. 

As soon as Stinker gets in the ring the bell rings and Smash begins to…well… smash him.  It is a barnyard beating that is going on, to the point where Stinker is leaving the ring to recuperate every chance he gets in hopes of gaining back some energy.  The match has been going on roughly 5 minutes when Smash appears to flip a switch, he is no longer just trying to toy with Stinker, he appears to be trying to destroy him. Every hold is longer, every punch harder, every kick seems bigger, the only way Stinker is standing at this point is because Smash is holding him up.  Finally Smash puts him out of his misery and hits The Rock Crusher and the 3 count follows.  Lil Stinker limps from the ring, it appears the commissioners punishment was indeed a punishment. 

Our main event tonight is another tournament matchup.  Sphinx vs. Quake.  This is the matchup of the only 2 wrestlers in our production without a win. 

Sphinx is first to the ring, looking confused as always, but makes it to the ring regardless. 

Quake makes his way down lumbering and enters the ring. 

The match begins and Quake looks good early.  He controls the match from the beginning and looks to be well on his way to round two of the tournament.  He continues to toss Sphinx around the ring and Sphinx continues to look like he does not belong.  Quake appears to be setting Sphinx up for the Earthquake and ending this match when the lights go out.  They quickly come back on though and Quake and Sphinx both look around and suddenly Quakes attention goes to the top of the ramp, IT’S THE CREATURE, he is standing there just watching and Quake is staring confused.  Sphinx sees this as an opportunity and HITS THE BEAKER BLAST!!!!  Quake is down and Sphinx goes for the pin.  1….2….3… SPHINX WINS!!!!

Attention goes back to the ramp where Creature is still just standing there.  Then the lights flicker again and he is gone.  Seconds later out comes The Fluke, he’s frantically searching for The Creature and yelling for Lady Luck.  This poor guy seems lost without Lady Luck and seems to think Creature has the answers.  Will we ever find out who that masked creature is?  Will we ever see Lady Luck again??  Maybe we will get some answers Monday. 

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