Fights, Camera, Action 01/28/2019

Ted Tickletooth

Ted: Hello and welcome to episode 3 of Fights, Camera, Action – WHOA’s Monday night show. Last night was the first ever PPV, Spoiled Rumble, where amid some crazy controversy, we crowned our first ever WHOA World Champion! But the thing that left most people talking was the debut of a man they’re calling The Creature. Some are speculating that he is the one who abducted Lady Luck. Some are saying he has special powers. But no one is doubting – he is a force and he is making an impact. We have a big night tonight and we’re going to get underway!

Lil Stinker

We start the night with Lil Stinker coming to the ring. The fans are still uncertain after his actions the night before. Let’s see what he has to say.

Lil Stinker: Lot’s of people are asking me “Why, Lil Stinker, Why?” And I have to ask you…”Why?” Why have I not been allowed to do my thing here in WHOA? I haven’t even been on TWO shows. This isn’t a robust roster and the heels were all making names for themselves. So I decided, I want to make a name for myself and if being an asshole is the only way to do it, consider it done. If there’s anyone who has a problem with that, then they can…….

The Flash’s music hits as he flies down to the ring. It looks like he wants a match and the referee grants it! We’ve got Lil Stinker vs. Flash right now!

The Flash uses his quickness to get a quick start, hitting Lil Stinker with a running forearm. Lil Stinker turns the tide, though, catching The Flash with an elbow. He then goes for a German Suplex, tossing The Flash on his back. Lil Stinker picks up Flash’s legs and tosses the ref aside before hitting him with a low blow! Lil Stinker is a different wrestler than we are used to seeing out here! The referee gets up and warns Lil Stinker if he touches him again, he is disqualified. Stinker laughs it off.

The fans turn heavily against Stinker as he continues to be dirty – holding illegal moves way longer than allotted and not breaking holds until well after the referee 5 count. The Flash seems spent. He wrestled in a tag match last night, the Spoiled Rumble, and now again, tonight. Could it all be catching up with him? Lil Stinker hits a running knee on Flash and goes for the pin. 1, 2, kick out! The Flash hasn’t given up yet. Lil Stinker argues with the ref that he’s not counting quick enough and it gives The Flash time to recover. Flash turns around Stinker and hits him with a DDT. A couple more body slams and The Flash finally has it set up. He ascends to the top rope and hits his signature move, the 450 splash! The fans go crazy! The referee counts, 1, 2, 3! The Flash wins! He celebrates on the turnbuckle, thanking the fans. As he gets down, Lil Stinker catches him with a big boot. The match is over but the beating is not! Stinker continues assaulting Flash! The referee tries to pull him away but Lil Stinker hits the referee also! There has got to be a fine coming for that one. Lil Stinker is out of control!


Karnage comes down to the ring showing off his new title belt. He grabs a mic, per the usual, and let’s the people know how great he is. As soon as he gets going, he is interrupted by Sid Snider.

Sid Snider

Sid: I’ve heard enough out of you already. I’m number one in the rankings. I’ve never lost a match. I deserve that title.
Karnage: Last I checked…I eliminated YOU from The Spoiled Rumble – so that should be a loss in itself. I’ve never lost, either!
Sid: You couldn’t even beat The Fluke last week!
Karnage: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Sid. I am the best. I have the title to prove it. I do what I want, when I want; and right now, I want you to get the hell out of here so I can celebrate my title victory.

Sid starts to charge the ring before Luke comes out to diffuse the situation.


Luke: Slow down, gentlemen. That’s not how this show works. Sid, I understand you want a shot at the title, but to have that shot, you have to earn it. There’s plenty of guys in the back who also want to face Karnage for his title. I’m setting up a tournament. An 8 man tournament with some of the best wrestlers in the world. The winner of that tournament will face Karnage for the WHOA World Championship at Snow Way Out on February 24th. Maybe Karnage couldn’t defeat The Fluke last week – but you’ll get your shot tonight. It’ll be Sid Snider versus The Fluke in a Round 1 matchup later tonight!

Ted: Our next matchup is a grudge match between Scumbag Sam and Sphinx. Sam is headed out now.

Scumbag Sam enters to loud boos. He has done nothing to make himself more appealing to the fans. Not a great showing from either of these competitors at last night’s Rumble. They’ll be looking to make a statement tonight.

Sphinx takes the early edge as he hits a strong uppercut on Sam. He follows it up with some body blows, showing some spark, for once. Sphinx has had a tough go here in WHOA. He’s yet to win and his losses have been quite embarrassing. He’s looking to put that behind him and show these fans that he can win a meaningful match. Sphinx carries the first part of the match nicely getting in some offense and even going to the top rope for a leg drop. The tide turns, though, when he tries to go back up top and Sam has him scouted out. Scumbag Sam moves out of the way and Sphinx hits the mat hard. Sam takes advantage and hits an ugly piledriver on Sphinx. It’s a good thing he has that poofy hair or his neck might be broken!

Late in the match, Sam appears to be hurt over in the corner, but he’s untying the turnbuckle pad. While the referee was checking on Sphinx, he disposed of it. Sphinx came running at Scumbag Sam and he moved, tossing him into the exposed turnbuckle – a deadly mistake for Sphinx. Sam then hits The Dumpster Dive and it’s all but over. 1, 2, 3. Sphinx remains winless and Sam continues his hot streak as of late.

Round 1 Tournament Matchup

The final match of the night is between Sid Snider and The Fluke. It’s a round 1 matchup of the tournament Luke announced earlier tonight to crown a number 1 contender for Karnage’s WHOA World Championship. Thus far, Sid and The Fluke are the only two competitors known to be entered.

Sid enters to an astonishing amount of boos. His dominance has really taken WHOA by force. The Fluke enters, sadly, as he walks to the ring and straight up to the official – talking to him. The official walks over to the ring announcer and the two talk.

Ring Announcer: The referee has stated that The Fluke does not want to compete tonight because of his fear and worry about Lady Luck. He has asked to forfeit the match.

Sid Snider throws his hands up in the air and then shakes his head. He walks over to The Fluke and body slams him. He isn’t going to allow a forfeit. The referee quickly gets back into the ring and the match is (sort of) underway! Sid picks up The Fluke for another body slam. He then tosses him to the corner and starts pelting him with punches. One after another after another. The Fluke is helpless. Sid then hits him with some loud chops, echoing through the arena. The ropes are the only thing holding The Fluke up at this point.

Suddenly, the lights go out. Commotion can be heard and the fans start to scream. The lights come back on. Sid Snider is unconscious in the middle of the ring and The Fluke is unconscious covering him!? The referee looks around, confused! He gets down and starts to count…slowly, cautiously? 1…….2……..3! The Fluke has defeated Sid Snider! What in the hell is going on with these lights. Was this The Creature again?! We need answers!

Smash 3-0-1
Karnage 2-0-1 **WHOA World Champion**
Lady Luck 1-0
Sid Snider 3-1
Scumbag Sam 3-1
Lil Stinker 2-2
The Fluke 1-1-1
The Flash 1-4
The Quake 0-2-1
Sphinx 0-5