AAF Week 1 Power Rankings

As Luke already covered this week, The Alliance kicked off this past weekend for it’s inaugural season. We here at OA are really pulling for this league to last and give us good football during the NFL off season. After their first weekend I decided I would put out a weekly power rankings for the league (helps there are only 8 teams). This week will be relatively straight forward since it was only week one.

  1. Orlando Apollo’s – Sure this is my team, but this is far from a homer pick. They scored 40 points, that by itself is impressive, tops in the league actually, but they also only allowed 6 points, which would be the lowest if Luke’s team wasn’t in the league.
  2. Birmingham Iron – The Iron got a big win week 1, and scored an impressive 26 points, but most important they allowed ZERO points. Sure, they played the Express, but a shutout is always impressive. Only bad part about the Iron was they have employed Trent Richardson, who even with 2 touchdowns failed to impress.
  3. San Antonio Commanders – The Commanders got the W in the closest matchup of the weekend and it is too early to tell if we were seeing low scoring due to good defenses, or if it was poor offenses. This ranking is based on the assumption that their allowing 6 points speaks louder than the fact they only scored 15. Time will tell moving forward.
  4. Arizona Hotshots – The Hotshots found themselves in the weeks only real shootout and prevailed. However, that may not be great news moving forward. This was the highest scoring game of the weekend and a lot like mentioned for the Commanders, moving forward we will see if this says more about the offensive power or the lack of defense.
  5. Salt Lake City Stallions – This is the other half of the weekends shootout. The Stallions just could not keep up late and we will see if they can get the defense dialed in moving forward, as the offense seems to be clicking.
  6. San Diego Fleet – 6 points scored, but they only allowed 15 so maybe once they can dial in the offense they will climb in the power rankings.
  7. Atlanta Legends – 6 points, maybe they should have kept Mike Vick? Just a thought. They also allowed 40 points, maybe they should find a defensive minded coach if they want to let Vick walk?
  8. Memphis Express – This is not a shot at Luke, this is just the fact they were the only team shut out in week 1 and they gave up 26, and 2 touchdowns to Trent Richardson, not good.

Week 2 Matchups –

(5)Salt Lake @ (2)Birmingham
(4)Arizona @ (8)Memphis
(1)Orlando @ (3)San Antonio
(7)Atlanta @ (6) San Diego

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