The Deep Debaters

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I’m sure you’re all enjoying our newest segment – The Great Debaters.  We’ve tackled is a hot dog a sandwich, is crunchy peanut butter evil, and did Adam and Joe really try to drown Luke once (wait, that wasn’t one?).  But now, I will share with you such a deep thought that your mind might explode: Do we really exist or are we all part of someone else’s dream?  Maybe our own dream.  Maybe we’re dead?  Let’s think about this…

You ever have those “realistic dreams”?  Where, when you wake up, it feels so real you could swear it happened.  How do we know that this isn’t all a dream?  A subconscious way of showing our pro-conscious that if we lived life a certain way, our choices would cause a certain effect.  That was a mouthful.  What if our bodies are in a coma and we are only the thoughts?  WHAT IF YOU’RE READING THIS BUT I DIDN’T REALLY WRITE IT AND YOU’RE NOT REALLY READING THIS….YOU’RE DREAMING THAT YOU’RE READING SOMETHING THAT I WROTE IN MY DREAM….holy shit, this was a bad idea.

Ever hear a weird noise at night or when you’re sitting around and can never figure out what it was?  What if that was something happening in your real life (where you’re in a coma) and you actually heard it!  So you obviously can’t figure it out in your dream because IT’S NOT REALLY THERE.

What if when we die in our dream, we really wake up in our real life?  Like our dreaming coma self is just like “ha! wasn’t that a sweet trip?”  Don’t experts say something like a dream occurs in only a few seconds?  You just dream for a mere seconds and the rest you just make up with your mind.  Is it a dream inside a dream?  Ever seen Inception?  Was it real?  Was Leo in real life or dreaming at the end?  (I know the answer).

What if we don’t even look like what we look like?  What if it’s just what we dream we look like?  (I surely would have dreamed myself looking better than this, right?)  Wait, what if we aren’t even really humans?  What if we are some weird species of alien that they’re studying what we think about…what if humans are real, but aliens are testing us to see what humans think like.  WHAT IF WE’VE JUST BEEN ABDUCTED AND WE AREN’T REALLY HUMANS.

What if alcohol is really something that brings us back from our coma and when we get that fuzzy buzzed feeling, we are bouncing between realities and when we black out we really are back in the coma but it’s really dark?  That would be fucked up, wouldn’t it?  What if I’m just dead and everyone reading this is just part of my dream?  Thanks for being here guys!  Okay, this blog may never end if I keep going – but jump down to the comments and let me know what you think.  Are we alive?  Am I dreaming?  Are you an alien?  *MIND BLOWN*

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  1. I’m glad I finally found a good blog that has a bunch of topics and that this is one topic I really enjoy talking about. So I believe we are all in control of our own realities and that these lives that we are living are only what we have have always been taught. Think about when you were a child and remember how you use to imagine things and believe all this so called “made up” things. Well what if these weren’t made up. What if those days you spent sailing the ocean as a pirate and the days hiking across the sand box believe you were in the Sahara were real. I remember some days getting so lost in my imagination for hours and then finally my mom having to come get me out of the back yard or the field. But when we were younger we were forced into conceiveing the life we know and perceive now is the only reality there is that rest was just imagination or “made up”. Inconlcusion I do not think that this is real I believe that we have been forced or brainwashed by our parents and the people around us to pereseve life as we do now. No I’m not blaming parents or anyone alive today this has been going on for 100s of years they have been trying to force the culture into living in one way. But finally we have a generation that is starting to break that cycle and actually explore the truths of it. Not saying there is more than 2 genders but look at those people they are opening a whole new out look they have changed the way you can mark a birth certificate and flat earthers. There’s a whole organization devoted to proving the earth is flat. Maybe they are so out of touch with our reality and in touch with themselves that they are perceiving things a different way and that is what is causing them to believe and conceive these things and it’s truly magical to see this because now I believe it maybe changing the world for the better maybe not the 10 plus genders and all that but I believe through this that we will make major break through a with people trying to get intouch with themselves and out of touch with reality. I don’t know if this makes sense but it does in my head and that’s my views on the topic thanks for allowing me to share!

  2. This might have been better than the article – thanks for sharing. I think we could write a 30 page paper and have no issues filling it with the thought processes we currently have going on. Good stuff!

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