Weird News Wednesday 10/17

As someone who is a fan of weird things, I’m going to try to do a weekly segment of weird news stories that I think are noteworthy. 

A New Zealand conservation group said the kereru, a bird known for being “drunk” and “large,” was elected Bird of the Year by New Zealanders.

As someone who knows a thing or two about being drunk and large, I could not be more excited for this bird! Anyone know a good real estate agent in New Zealand, because I have a feeling I would fit in great there. If you’re curious about how a bird gets drunk – they eat fermented berries which makes them intoxicated. Megan Hubscher of Forest & Bird Said,

“They have quite a reputation of being large and clumsy and being a bit of a clown. There are a lot of videos around of kereru getting drunk and stumbling around in a comical manner, that’s part of the charm. They’re just very loveable birds.”

Huge shout-out to the New Zealander’s who made this happen. When it’s time to vote for Bird of the year next year, make sure you let me know and I will be leading the charge to make sure my new spirit animal makes it back-to-back titles.

Houston couple creates ‘Good Boy’ beer for dogs

”Megan and Steve Long said they learned how to brew beer for dogs, which does not contain alcohol, when their Rottweiler mix, Rocky, started having digestion problems a few years ago.”

Every time you’ve looked at your dog and thought “I wish I could just have a beer with you” well now you can! This is awesome, I literally can’t think of anyone I would rather have a beer with than a dog, Man’s best friend can be man’s favorite drinking buddy. Don’t worry the beer doesn’t have any alcohol in it so it won’t hurt your favorite little buddy. There are currently three flavors: Session…Squirrel!, Mailman Malt Liquor, and IPA lot in the yard. Big props to those names, they are laugh out loud funny. The older I get the less I like trying to talk to girls at bars and the more I would rather just drink at home with a dog so this weird news is right up my alley.

There you have it, the first installment of Weird News Wednesday. Let me know what you think in the comments or if you hear of any weird news stories drop a comment about that!