Breakfast Bet Week 1

I got a surprising text on Sunday afternoon/evening with an interesting proposal. No, it wasn’t THAT interesting or you would have heard about it by now. But regardless, Adam text me and said the Patriots are favored by 2.5 points. Take your pick and the loser brings in breakfast of the winner’s choice. A breakfast bet? I’m in! Oh, and this is going to become weekly and it’s going to be kick ass. COOL! I’m in.

I pondered for a moment and went Rams – I thought it would be funny if Adam had to cheer for the Patriots since he hated them. Then I thought for a minute, took another drink of vodka, and said to myself, “Self, are you kidding me?!” How do you bet against the Patriots and Tom Brady in the Super Bowl?! I text him back and changed my mind – I was on the Patriots -2.5.

I was worried when there was a pick on Tom’s first throw and then I was worried when no one ever scored. Then I was confused when it was 3-0, but I guess relieved that they were covering. Okay, the game wasn’t what everyone WANTED – but that’s another rant for another day. I got the alert that the Patriots won and I smiled and sunk off to sleep. I was dreaming of my BIG breakfast already! But what would I pick?

Should I have Adam make me an omelette? French Toast? Pick me up something delicious? It was quite the pickle (food pun intended). I finally decided on the Wendy’s Biggie Breakfast Sandwich. Adam had gotten one the week or so prior and raved about it and Wendy’s was 40 seconds from the office. I could toss a baseball there. Boy, was I pleased. The Biggie Breakfast Sandwich is a sausage patty with bacon, egg, and cheese – on a TOASTED BUN! It’s a game changer. It was a big sandwich (I guess they tell you that, right?) and you know what it tasted like….? SWEET VICTORY!

Yes Sir! Tune in next week for Breakfast Bet Part 2 and let us know what Adam and I should be betting on!

Sweet Victory

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