Naming the New Seattle NHL Franchise

Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE hockey fan!  They have finally “officially” announced that Seattle will be the location of the 32nd NHL franchise, of course, diehard fans like myself have known it would be Seattle for years now.  They have opened up the naming process to fan voting, but have limited it to certain choices, I would like to add my own. You are welcome to vote on your favorite.  

The Seattle Sasquatches – this one should be the “one” in my opinion.
The Seattle Rainstorm – it rains up there a lot right?
The Seattle Snoozers – tells a lot about what you can expect from hockey
The Seattle SuperSonics – might let the NBA off the hook slightly if the fans can break out the old gear.
The Seattle Seaman – they have fishing boats up there yea?
The Seattle Storm – maybe if you give two professional franchises the same name the numbers they combine for will make them seem like a real professional franchise?
The Seattle Starbucks Barista’s – just don’t try watching porn at the games.

Any of these are decent names, and probably better than whatever is actually being considered.  This though gives Seattle, a city famous for letting their beloved Super Sonics leave, a second chance at a big 4 professional team.  Would be nice to see them take advantage of this.

(if you actually know me, you know I despise hockey and would almost prefer to watch soccer, with this being said, good for Seattle, even though it will still be unwatchable)

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2 thoughts on “Naming the New Seattle NHL Franchise”

  1. Idk if i love these or hate these…. As a avid NHL watcher that you are, i would have thought you would have came up with better ones…

  2. I was a bit on the spot with the choices that were made. Plus after the Seattle Sasquatches it was over.

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