Kyle’s Random Thoughts – Part 1

I’ve slowly realized that I have a lot of random thoughts pop into my head so instead of doing what a normal person would do and ignoring them, I’m going to share them on the internet for everyone to see and judge. So essentially this is just my internet diary. And away we go:

What does grape flavored candy actually taste like? Because it tastes nothing like grapes. I think it just tastes like Purple.

When did bad words become bad words? At some point in history someone said “Fuck” and someone else got really upset about it.

Am I the only one who thinks gasoline kind of smells good? When are they going to make a gas scented candle?

I think the absolute meanest thing you can say to someone is “I hope you go bald”

A coaster is just a little table you put on top of your table

I think talking to yourself is a totally normal thing, but one time I said out loud “Kyle, you talk to yourself a lot” and that really made me feel like a crazy person.

I’m a die hard Purdue fan. Are people who love the movie Die Hard:Die hard Die Hard Fans?

There’s a 72% chance Elon Musk is an evil scientist who is plotting to kill us all.

If you’ve ever ordered a hamburger (no cheese) you should be put in a mental institution

The word “jolly” is only ever used to describe fat people.

As long as I’m still paying off student loans, I think its ok to act like a college student – drunk and irresponsible

If you aren’t wearing sweatpants to Thanksgiving or any buffet you go to, you’re just living life wrong.

When did “LETS GO!” turn from something your parents yelled at you when you were late for school into a rally cry for sports teams and beer chugging.

Why don’t flannels count as dress shirts? They have buttons and a collar! What more do you want?

I need to make a lot of money because I’m going to need to pay for one hell of a psychiatrist with all of the mental issues I have.

Thanks for reading the first Installment of Kyle’s Random Thoughts – Feel free to share any random thoughts you have in the comments!

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