Kyle’s Money Shot 12/18 – 12/24

Hello there! I’m just going to put it out there – I’m coming off my worst week ever as a sports gambler. It was a decent week until Sunday started, then I got every pick on Sunday and Monday wrong. It was rough. I might need to start donating some plasma and semen if this rough stretch keeps up – Giving an even deeper meaning to Kyle’s Money Shot. 😉

But, as any hopelessly addicted gambler knows, the only way to get out of a hole is to bet yourself out. So here’s this weeks picks!

Looks like we’re got a nice little underdog Tuesday going on! I might look into trademarking that. Underdog Tuesday™ – has a nice look to it. Plus we have a huge game for the state of Indiana as Indiana-University-Purdue-University-Indianapolis (IUPUI) takes on Purdue-Fort Wayne (PFW). Show the small schools some love and bet on this game!

Wednesday has the Miami Beach Bowl with SDSU and Ohio! When I hear Miami, I just think night life and bright lights, bright lights lighting up on a scoreboard. Take the Over! (No over sadly but Ohio did cover)

On Wednesday I happened to be attending the iu game so I figured i would bet on it. I totally meant to bet the over, but i accidentally hit under, but the under won so its all good!

Thursday is more of the same! Feel really good about Marshall over South Florida by 3. South Florida has lost 5 in a row, will probably be 6.

Also on Thursday, a classic emotional hedge bet with Ohio+16 at Purdue. If Purdue beats Ohio by 17 or more, I will still be happy even if it costs me a little money.

As always leave a comment if you have any thoughts/feelings on the picks or if there are any picks you’re into. Love you Guys! Lets Get Rich!

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