Kyle’s Money Shot 10/30 – 11/5

Going to get into a Little NBA action on Wednesday night. I’m starting to find out that betting on the NBA is wild because lets be honest, they don’t play hard every night. But, that makes it WAY more exciting! Also, on Wednesday night we have our first ever guest pick! The last thing my friend/co-worker Tyler said to me before leaving work on Wednesday was “Take Toledo, you’ll thank me” So here we are! (He doesn’t know I’m doing this so hopefully he’s not mad) Then on Thursday we have some NCAA and NFL football action. As always, hammer that Thursday Night Over, I did a little research and the Thursday Night Over has only lost 1 time this year, I’m sure that our luck on that will have to run out eventually but until then it doesn’t matter the teams or the spread, I’m going to bet it. (It did lose, but don’t worry I still love it in the future.) 

I had a fun Saturday! I went to St. Louis and did nothing but watch football and eat hot wings. My Money Shot Lock of the Week won again! that brings the total to 5 winning money shots and only 1 losing money shot. What can I say, I’m good at money shots. I got a little carried away on the NFL action, but I guess that means we’re winning a lot of money this weekend! (WE HAVE SO FAR, WHAT A HEATER OF A SUNDAY) Love you guys! Let’s Get Rich!