How It Ends – A Movie Review

How It Ends (2018)

It’s not every day where life lines up so fucking perfectly that you’re just super giddy with excitement.  Today is THAT day.

A short three weeks ago, when the official OA Movie Club started, I was talked down upon, judged, and downright made fun of for choosing a movie with no ending.  Then everyone stopped watching our movies and Rookie chose a movie aptly titled “How It Ends.”  It was almost like one last jab at me picking Triangle which seemingly had no ending. (It really did – the ending was just a part of the beginning because the movie couldn’t end – don’t you listen to the podcast?)

So I watched it.  Another movie not on my watchlist for whatever reason but I gave it a shot.  The film was…how do I say this…interesting?  Great idea – but I’m not sure I understand?  How It Ends is about basically the world ending, right?  Well, we don’t know what’s happening – but something is.  Cell service is gone, radios don’t work, there are weird storms, and Will is on the other side of the country from his fiance.  That sucks.  So what’s a guy to do?  Wait, let’s back up.  Will is also with his in laws.  Who hate him.  And he’s supposed to be proposing to Sam – but question mark?  She’s also prego.  Go figure.  Good luck asking for her hand in marriage with that lingering overhead.  Okay, where were we.

Will is stuck on the other side of the country with his fiances father and they’re both trying to get to Sam.  They get a cryptic voicemail saying help, something is wrong and boom!  Disconnected forever.  So these two hop in a car to make a 7 day trek across the US.  That’s fine.  Along the way is where things get confusing.  They always run into trouble (and wreck more cars than I thought possible) – but why is everyone crazy?  Like every city they’re stopped by gunman just patrolling the roads?  I understand the ones who try to steal their gas to get where they’re going but what’s with the roadblocks?  There’s a universal disaster happening and instead of trying to leave or figure out what’s going on, you’re stopping traffic?  Making people turn around?  I don’t think I understand the tactic?

Then they meet Ricky – who is a mechanic at her family (?) shop and they hate and abuse her (?) so she decides for $2,000 to go with Will and Tom (who, by the way is played by Forest Whitaker who I have historically loved, so kudos to Netflix).  But then they have to kill some people and she gets mad and runs away to never be seen again?  Plot hole number 19.  Okay, okay, so during one of the crashes, Forest breaks his ribs and slowly dies along the way – but not before he and Will make up.  Will says he has to tell him something and he’s like nah, man I already know – she’s prego.  Will’s like WTF, dad? and then he dies.

But let’s get to the end because Will goes to LA, finds the one apartment building still standing (happens to be Sam’s – convenient) and she wrote the address where she’s going on the wall.  Will shows up at the house and a guy comes out with a gun looking all pissed and Sam is like Will don’t shoot him!  He’s our neighbor.  So they make up after a 7 day hiatus and then we find out Sam probably fucked the neighbor?  Because look, after 7 days in a natural disaster world, you’re probably fucking the neighbor instead of worrying about your family that is probably dead?

Okay – final straw – then Will and Sam get into the car and drive away.  The end.  WHAT?  Yeah….HOW IT ENDS DOESN’T FUCKING END.  We don’t know what caused this disaster.  We don’t know what it is?  We don’t know if Sam is still pregnant.  Did Will get permission to marry her?  Where are they going?  Did Sam fuck her neighbor?  Is he in the trunk?  So many questions.  Moral of the story is – before you judge me for picking a movie that doesn’t have an ending – you SHOULDN’T PICK A MOVIE THAT DOESN’T HAVE AN ENDING THAT’S CALLED HOW IT FUCKING ENDS!!!

So much potential just sliding down the drain on this one.  Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

Rating: 4.7/10

Next week – Misty is recommending we watch Nothing to Hide – the Netflix original.  Check it out and stay tuned!