Taste 5 – Slim Jims

Today we are tackling one of Adam and my favorite foods – good ole beef jerky!  Slim Jims – the original! (minus the actual brand Slim Jim which is confusing in itself).  Today, we are tasting 5 jerkys (jerkies?)

  1. King Caliber
  2. Western Smokehouse
  3. Oberto
  4. No Man’s Land
  5. Jacks Links

The goal here is to find by far the best jerky around (without killing co workers with bad breath). 


1.) King Caliber – smokey, nice mild flavor – sweet, and not spicy
2.) Jacks Links – Adam knew this one – traditional flavor, mild
3.) Oberto – dry, lacks flavor throughout but a decent finish
4.) No Man’s Land – odd flavor – not a good odd
5.) Western Smokehouse – taste like a dog bone smells – taste like rawhide


1.) Jacks Links – I liked the consistency of this one.  Probably the best taste thus far, too.  7/10.  A solid slim jim.
2.) No Man’s Land – another meaty one but damnit this one is good.  I didn’t think any would beat 3, but 5 just nailed it.  I’m going 6.9
3.) Oberto – a little crunchy on the outside but on the inside a pretty good taste.  I’m going 6/10
4.) King Caliber – almost sweet – no spice at all – taste like summer sausage 5/10 (the bar)
5.) Western Smokehouse – a little bit of a weird mystique in this one – just a funny taste, I think?  3/10.


1.) Jacks – 3
2.) King Caliber – 5
3.) No Man’s Land – 6
4.) Oberto – 6
5.) Western Smokehouse – 10

Jacks is the traditional winner and Western was shit. What do you guys think? What’s your favorite slim jim? What should we try next??