Thursday Night Beatdown 02/07/2019

Ted:  Good evening and welcome to Thursday Night Beatdown!  We have an action-packed show tonight including a big announcement from Commissioner Adam.  Here he is now.


Adam:  Monday you all were introduced to two new wrestlers, The Storm and Jason Bull.  We plan to continue to scout and bring in new talent as we see fit to avoid the same matches over and over as well as pushing our current talent to get better as well as weed out the ones who are not performing.  Yes, we will replace the ones who are not performing.  With that being said, tonight The Storm and Jason Bull will compete against each other as a part of our ongoing tournament to face off for the World Title.  This will mean round two will be a triple threat match between the winner tonight and The Fluke and Sphinx.  (Karnage’s music plays)  Karnage comes out to the ramp and speaks.


Karnage:  Frankly, you can put whoever you want in this tournament, it will not matter who I face, I will win, and I will retain my belt and after that I might just quit.  I do what I want, your contract with me means nothing, you cannot control me, I have made that pretty obvious I think.  Maybe I won’t even face the winner of your pointless tournament, this is my world, you all are just living in it!!  (Drops mic and exits)

Ted:  OK, like usual, Karnage is living in his own production.  Let’s move on to the first match tonight shall we? 

Tonight’s first match is a first round tournament matchup between Scumbag Sam and The Flash.  The Flash has had a rough go of it lately and would really like to bounce back tonight.  The Flash is the first to enter and he didn’t come running in quite as quickly as before, but still comes in with the slide.  Scumbag Sam walks to the ring verbally assaulting every fan along the way, which has come to be his typical entrance.  The bell rings and away they go.  Flash uses his speed early to take the advantage, he lands punch after punch and then goes for the standing dropkick which lands and brings Scumbag Sam to the mat.  Once down The Flash looks to continue the assault but Sam hits him with a low blow which bring The Flash to his knees.  The ref warns Sam and they move on.  Sam is now in control and is tossing The Flash around the ring and kicking him each time he goes down.  Scumbag Sam looks to be setting up the Dumpster Dive as he drags The Flash into the middle of the ring, but as he turns his back The Flash kicks off the mat and is on his feet and Sam doesn’t see him.  Sam turns around and takes a kick square to the face, Sam is flat on his back and we all know what’s coming next.  The 450 Splash!  The Flash climbs to the top rope and launches onto Sam, 1..2…3.  The Flash advances and pulls out of his slump. 

Match 2 tonight will be the matchup Adam announced earlier seeing The Storm vs. Jason Bull.

The Storm enters the ring first and is pacing, waiting for Bull to make his way in.  Bull’s music plays but he is no where to be found.  There seems to be some commotion coming from the crowd.  It’s Jason Bull!  He’s coming through the crowd!  He really is a man of the people!  Jason enters the ring and the match begins.  This match starts very even seeing neither wrestler really get an advantage.  As they exchange blows Karnage enters from the ramp and walks down to be ringside and takes a seat in a folding chair next to the ring, it doesn’t appear either of the wrestlers has noticed him.  They continue to exchange blows and finally Jason Bull his a flying body and takes down The Storm for a quick 2 count and kick out.  As Jason Bull stands back up he notices Karnage and points at him and seems to be saying something to him we can’t make out.  As he is yelling at Karnage, The Storm takes advantage and goes for the surprise roll-up.  1..2..kick out, that was close.  Jason Bull quickly gets to his feet and a switch seems to have flipped because he takes complete control and begins to assault The Storm, he seems to be trying to end this quickly and go after Karnage, and it looks like Karnage is thinking the same thing because he is now standing.  Jason Bull throws The Storm into the ropes and runs to hit the ropes opposite and as he hits the ropes KARNAGE HITS HIM IN THE BACK WITH THE FOLDING CHAIR!!  JASON BULL IS DOWN!!  Karnage walks back up the ramp.  The ref calls for the bell and The Storm has been disqualified.  Jason Bull will advance, we just hope he is OK.    

Ted enters the ring to close out the night. 

Ted Tickletooth

Ted:  That is it tonight for Thursday Night Beatdown, we will see you Mon… (Flukes music comes on)

Fluke enters the ring and asks for a mic.

Fluke:  This has gone on long enough, I know that the creature is the one behind Lady Lucks disappearance and I am here to get her back.  Creature get out here!!  I’m challenging you to a match!! 

You can hear the crowd begin to murmur and talk, surely The Creature won’t listen and show up, right?  Ted looks probably the most confused of everyone, but he gets out of the ring slowly, just in case something does come from this challenge.  Then the arena goes black.  Everyone expects the The Fluke to be out cold on the mat when the lights come back on, but instead when the lights come back on IT’S LADY LUCK!!  LADY LUCK IS IN THE RING WITH THE FLUKE. 

Lady Luck

The Fluke runs to her and embraces her in the middle of the ring, confusion is everywhere, where has she been?  Where did she come from?  Will we ever get the answers?  Before anyone can talk to her though the lights go back out, this time when the lights come back on The Fluke is laid out bleeding on the mat AND LADY LUCK IS MISSING AGAIN!!  What is going on here!?  This must be the creature toying with The Fluke, right?  Will we ever get an answer?  Will we ever see Lady Luck again?  Is the Fluke OK? 

The Fluke….bleeding

Jason Bull 2-0
Smash 4-0-1
Karnage 2-1-1 **WHOA World Champion**
Lady Luck 1-0
Sid Snider 3-1
Scumbag Sam 4-3
The Storm 1-1
The Fluke 1-2-1
The Flash 3-4
Lil Stinker 2-4
Sphinx 1-5
The Quake 0-3-1