Fantasy Football Championship – How I Got Here

It’s really pretty crazy to think – considering my fantasy football strategy – how I would ever be in the championship. But alas, here I am. One week away from winning a championship and having a parade through my hometown. But let’s not jump ahead. How did I get to where I am today?

This is Joe’s league…and I’m playing Joe, so I’ll be nice. Every year, I start the season off versus Joe (that’s a lot of “Joe”s). I have never beaten him in any fantasy sport ever. It’s kind of annoying. This year, though, this year was different. I DID beat Joe. Nearly everyone on my squad scored double digits. I was 1-0.

Week 2 – another hard fought win followed by another, followed by another. I was 4-0 and somewhat confused at this new found glory. It was abruptly ended when I lost in week 5 after failing to score 100 points. Actually I’m 7-0 when scoring 100 points and 3-2 when I score under 100 but let’s not jump ahead too much. Let’s look at the stats.

I finished 10-2 – the best record in the league. I scored the 3rd most points in the league (Joe was number 1) and – here’s the crazy thing. My fantasy defense was great. I allowed the least amount of points in the league. “Here we go….” you start to say, already. You’re not even that good. Or am I? I’m intimidating. People clam up when they face me. I would too – I am the best. So the playoffs come around and I have to play one of two teams who beat me in the regular season. I’m nervous. I’m the one seed – there’s a lot riding on this.

He has Drew Brees. Mark Ingram. Kareem Hunt. The Saints get shut down week 1 @ Dallas and lose 10-13. Kareem Hunt kicks a woman then gets kicked off his team. My defense shows up and I win 167.3-144.3 (the other game score is 226.7-205.8 (see, I’m intimidating).

I am in the championship against my old foe. It’s Joe. He’s now riding a W9 (I’m on a nice W6 myself). The Thursday night game is KC/LAC. He plays Keenan Allen who gets hurt without a catch – I play the former 3rd string KC running back Damien Williams who scores twice and gets me 24.3. Incredible. My luck turns the next game when my running back gets hurt on the first series, and now I’m without Lamar Miller. I still manage to squeak out the first week of the two week playoffs and I lead 82.4-79.4. I’m up 3 points and some how my defense is carrying me again. They say defense wins championships and I’d love to be able to say that at the end of next week.

I want to win. I really do. I want to win for me. But I also want to win for George Kittle who says he loves the WWE. What a guy. I want to win for Aaron Rodgers – because this may be my last year with him. He’s done me well and I’ve been loyal to him. I want to win for Melvin Gordon who is my workhorse. I’m signing him long term. Love you, Melv. I want to win for AP and all the doubters who said I shouldn’t have drafted him. I want to win for Davante Adams who is a huge double threat with Rodgers. I just want to win. Help me win. One more week. If I don’t win, you may never hear from me again. CHEER FOR ME, DAMNIT.

Drop down in the comments and let me know how your fantasy season ended or is going (if you’re awesome like me). Good luck to everyone (minus Joe) and let’s bring this one home! LET’S GOOOOO!

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  1. I’m in three leagues. Two are money leagues, and I’m in the championship game in both. The third league, I got snubbed worse than Darius Leonard for the Pro Bowl. I ended the season tied for 4th place with the league owner. Our tiebreaker was points scored, and I scored about 70 more points than him during the season. However, he beat me both times we played each other. So instead of playing the league how it was created, he changed the league settings in week 13 to make the tiebreaker be head-to-head matchups. I would have lost in the first round if I had made it, but like the regular season I outscored him, so it would have at least been a closer game.

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