Why Do People Hate Tom Brady?

On Sunday, the Patriots clinched their 3rd straight birth to the Super Bowl and 9th (NINE) in the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick era. To most of America, this is the worst sentence you could ever read. People HATE Brady. People HAAAATTTEEE Belichick. I’m here to find out why.

Let’s tackle winning: Brady/Belichick are, as I mentioned, going to their 9th Super Bowl. They’re 5-3 thus far. They’ve WON more Super Bowls than any other QB/Coach duo have appeared in. I get it, that’s annoying. Really annoying. But people love the Yankees, right? It can’t be all about winning.

Deflategate? Maybe it’s the cheating that people hate. On January 18, 2015 – the Patriots beat the Colts 45-7. The 38 point victory was only possible with deflated footballs! Okay, ridiculous, I get it – but they deflated some balls a little lower than normal and everyone got in a tizzy. Eventually, Brady was suspended 4 games like 535 days later or something. So people should be okay, right? Nope. Every time something happens, the Patriots “cheat”. Refs make a bad call – Patriots cheated. Refs miss a call – Patriots cheated. Refs make the right call – Patriots cheated. Patriots lose – Patriots cheated, but not enough. If you Google “New England Patriots Cheating” there are 7.5 million articles and I’m not making that up. So do they cheat? I don’t know. If it’s a team people love they say “If ya ain’t cheatin, you ain’t tryin.” But if the Patriots do it, people are like FUCK THE PATRIOTS! So WHY?!

Is it jealousy?

This is Tom Brady’s wife

Look, I’m jealous of that. I’m jealous that Tom gets to snuggle that body. I am.

Tom Brady coming out of college

Is it because this was Tom Brady? Coming out of college when no one thought he was anything but a bum Michigan QB? Then he ended up marrying the above? Look, some of us would be jealous of THIS Tom Brady body – I get it. Maybe it’s jealousy?

Is it media overexposure? You know who doesn’t hate Tom Brady? ESPN. They LOVE Tom Brady. They actually ram him down our throats harder than…well, a lot. But they do the same for LeBron? People love LeBron.

Is it because he dresses nice and acts like a jackass? Look, we all want to dress nice. I even wear a scarf now and then – go ahead, make fun of me. Make fun of me, Tom Brady, and Ryan Reynolds, while you’re at it.

*Eye Heart Emoji*

Is it something else? What am I missing here? Is it because I live in Indiana? Is it because he’s 11-3 vs. the Colts in the regular season and 4-1 against them in the playoffs? I get it. I’m a Bengals fan…but that would make me hate every team because they suck?

Okay, I give up. I don’t know why people hate Tom Brady (other than the aforementioned items above, all of which are explainable…I think). Help me out. Drop down in the comments and let me know why you (yes, YOU…because I’m sure you do) hate Tom Brady.