AAF – Week 3

It’s week 3! We made it! (I think) There were some reports that Carolina Hurricanes owner, Tom Dundron of the NHL, had to give the AAF $250M to make payroll…

But we’re past that, right?! Let’s look at Week 3 of the AAF

Best Bets

Last week, I went 5-3 on Best Bets! Not bad for a beginner, right?! Let’s look at this week’s slate.

Arizona Hotshots (-3) @ Salt Lake Stallions O/U 43.5
Memphis Express @ Orlando Apollos (-10) O/U 45
Birmingham Iron (-3) @ Atlanta Legends O/U 40
San Antonio Commanders (-1) @ San Diego Fleet O/U 41

Arizona nearly lost to Memphis and I think this week they do fall on the road. I’m going Salt Lake STRAIGHT UP, but I’ll take some points. Salt Lake +3 and the Over.

The “worst” team at the “best” team – should be a good one…but it’s MEMPHIS! Double digit underdogs again…but this time maybe rightfully. Bet with your head, not your heart (as Kyle would say). I’ll go Orlando -10 and the Over.

Look, I thought Birmingham was decent, but they’re not good, either! This is going to be an awful game. One thing is for sure, I’m taking the UNDER! And I’m actually giving Atlanta their first win. Atlanta +3.

San Antonio @ San Diego in the weeks biggest toss up. I think I’m going San Diego only because they’re at home to win and I’m going to go low – Under here. San Diego +1 and Under.

Career AAF record 5-3.

Memphis Express

Adam says if Memphis goes 0-10, I can pick a new team next year. I might have a shot! Look, they played MUCH better last week – led most of the game, and it required a big second half for the Arizona Hotshots to take down Memphis. However, Memphis fans still aren’t excited or happy. I’m glad this one is on the road – it will take a good performance for fans to be happy if this team goes to 0-3. The attendance in their home opener was low (11,980) and that won’t get better with another loss. Memphis is really struggling right now and I can’t help but blame Mike Singletary.

Bright note – Zac Stacy leads the league in rushing yards with 159; however, Memphis will need to learn to pass and protect QB Christian Hackenberg if they want to ever win a game. Hackenberg is 7th in the league in passing (and two teams have fielded 2 QBs. That’s right, Hackenburg, in 2 games, is actually behind Philip Nelson, who has only played one game. 189 yards in two games is not a good look. He doesn’t have a passing TD. His 50% completion percentage is not sexy. I’ve been calling for Zach Mettenberger; however, he is 0-10 in the NFL. With Hackenberg, though, the Express may be 0-10 in the AAF.


I’m not going to give up on the Express, yet! They have a huge game this weekend and they have a chance to show the world they can actually play. Orlando won’t be easy to take down, but it will be a chance to prove themselves. DID YOU KNOW – no team has never not won the AAF Championship after starting 2-0?! Think about that, Memphis….

Have you been watching The Alliance? What do you think thus far?