Kyle’s Money Shot 1/14-1/20

Howdy everyone! Welcome back for another week of trying not to lose all of our money on sports! Here’s a reminder of last week. And let’s dive right into this week.

Tough way to start off the week, iu lost to Nebraska at home (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) But thats the beauty of gambling, you get to tray again everyday.

On Tuesday I love West Virgina+6.5 at TCU. TCU lost starter Jaylen Fisher for the season, hopefully he makes a full recovery. But I don’t think they are the same team without him. Country Roads Take Me Home. (WOW West Virginia got killed, John Denver would be so disappointed)

Also on Tuesday, I lost the Rutgers+15 bet because Purdue won by 40. Ugh, its so tough (sarcasm, I will gladly lose money if Purdue wins by 40 every game)

Speaking of Purdue, they have a big one on Saturday. That school down south comes to town. The spread is 8 points and I just think that seems like a lot for a rivalry game. Plus as our fan and my buddy Chris pointed out to me. Every time I bet against Purdue, they play really well. (See Above).


Only a few NFL games left this year so enjoy them and make some money.

The Money Shot this week seems almost too easy (which means I’ll probably blow it) But I’ve bet against the Patriots before in my life (See last week) and if you give me Brady, Belichick, and some points in the playoffs, I will take it. Pats+3 LETS GO!