Fights, Camera Action 02/04/2019


Luke: Hello, and welcome to Fights, Camera, Action! Before we get started tonight, we have something major to address. The Creature is an issue! He’s interfered in various matches, influencing the outcome. He’s causing chaos all across WHOA, and for all we know, HE is the one who abducted Lady Luck! I’m taking a stand right now. Creature, I’m calling you out! We need answers!

The lights go out and rustling is heard all through the arena. The lights come back on and OH MY GOD, LUKE IS LAYING IN THE RING BLEEDING!! The Creature is nowhere around and Luke has been laid out! This has to stop!

Ted: I…I’m not sure how we continue. We hope Luke is okay – but we are going to continue. Our first match tonight is between a brand new wrestler coming into the promotion – The Storm will take on The Fluke.

The Fluke comes out, cautious and worried looking as always. He even stops and yells for Lady Luck a couple times. We really need to see if this guy is even okay to wrestle. His mindset is not right. The arena goes blue and it sounds like a tornado is coming through! It’s The Storm! Debuting this week. He comes out spinning like a tornado and jumping around. This guy is full of energy! He jumps in the ring and immediately jumps The Fluke before the bell. He stomps him while he’s down and the referee has to hold him back. The Storm has attitude and he’s bringing it to The Fluke.

The Fluke regains his balance but only for The Storm to hit a giant dropkick! Storm sets up The Fluke and hits him with a code breaker! He calls it the Thunderstorm and that’s it. 1, 2, 3 – this one is over! Impressive debut by The Storm!

Scumbag Sam comes to the ring. He asks for a mic. He is angry with Lil Stinker. In a promotion that cares about wins and losses, he says Lil Stinker cost him a win on Thursday when he interfered with his match against The Flash. Tough to argue. Lil Stinker comes out and is pretty rude. Sam challenges Stinker to a match! Luke isn’t here to approve it but Ted Tickletooth steps up and says let’s get it on (about the match, I think)! It’s Lil Stinker versus Scumbag Sam!

Lil Stinker takes the early advantage as he hits Scumbag Sam with a quick flurry of punches and a body slam. He then takes him to Suplex City and hits multiple German suplexes. Lil Stinker has changes his wrestling style so much in the short amount of time we’ve seen him here in WHOA. He’s becoming quite the athlete. Lil Stinker is in clear control but he is wasting too much time taunting Scumbag Sam.

Scumbag Sam takes advantage and kicks Lil Stinkers leg as he walks by, making him buckle. He rolls up and hits a quick DDT on Stinker. He goes for the cover but only gets the two count. Sam doesn’t waste time and he starts throwing Stinker against the ropes. He hits a flying elbow! Scumbag Sam sets up Lil Stinker for the Dumpster Dive, but Stinker reverses it! He goes up top and goes for the Axe Splash but Scumbag Sam moves! What a sequence! Sam scoops up Lil Stinker and hits him with the Dumpster Dive this time and that will do it! 1, 2, 3! Scumbag Sam has gotten retribution from his loss last week!

Karnage comes to the ring and says that the tournament WHOA is having is pointless because no one can beat him for the title. He says there’s no one in the back on the roster that can even come close to his talent. He says there’s no one in the WORLD who can beat him. Karnage says that he IS WHOA and the promotion doesn’t exist without him. He drops the mic.

Suddenly, an up beat tune comes on and who is that? Holy Shit! It’s Jason Bull! I’ve heard a lot about this guy at other promotions and he’s here at WHOA tonight! What is he doing here?!

Jason Bull gets on the mic and says that Karnage may have beaten everyone here, but he’s never fought “The Bull!” Karnage throws his belt aside and tells him to bring it. We’ve got ourselves a match!

Jason Bull and Karnage just start brawling! Lefts and rights being thrown and all of them are connecting! Jason Bull is not afraid of Karnage. All of the hype is real! Karnage eventually slows him down with a poke to the eye. Karnage takes advantage and grounds Bull. Karnage yells at Jason and tells him that he’s never going to be better than Karnage. He taunts his opponent and kicks him while he’s down. Karnage just spit on Jason Bull! How degrading!

Karnage continues the assault. He runs into the ropes but Jason catches him with an elbow! Jason starts to get the upper hand and the crowd starts to build. They’re excited to see him in WHOA taking it to the world champion! This would be a huge win! Jason hits dropkick after dropkick! He’s such an athlete! I bet there’s a 6 pack under that tank top! Karnage is on the ropes! He might go down! Jason sets Karnage up for his finisher but Karnage ducks out of the ring. Karnage grabs his belt and starts walking to the back. He gives Jason the middle finger and turns around and leaves. The referee has no choice but to count him out! Jason Bull wins – but Karnage chose to walk out on this match. It’s a statement and Karnage is the champ. Maybe he does do what he wants, when he wants! This can’t be the last we’ve seen of these two! Thanks for joining us this week! See you on Thursday!

The Storm 1-0
Jason Bull 1-0
Smash 4-0-1
Karnage 2-1-1 **WHOA World Champion**
Lady Luck 1-0
Sid Snider 3-1
Scumbag Sam 4-2
The Fluke 1-2-1
Lil Stinker 2-4
The Flash 2-4
Sphinx 1-5
The Quake 0-3-1