Things That Piss Adam Off – Vehicle Edition

If you have listed to any of the podcast you probably think, “wow, Adam sounds like a bit of an asshole.”  Well you aren’t alone in thinking that way, just ask Luke, Andy, and probably the rest of the cast.  So I am going to start a weekly blog (I will try to actually do this weekly) of things that piss me off and then maybe we can avoid those topics.  

As I began making my list I quickly started to realize that I would need to narrow down the list for weekly installments or I’d be needing an editor and publisher before it was all said and done.  So this weeks is the traffic/vehicle edition.  Some of these will sound familiar from Rookie’s “Do’s and Don’t’s” he gave on an episode, but we drive roughly equal distance for work so we will likely be annoyed by the same type of things.  

(these are in no particular order)

  • People who use the left lane as their driving lane when they barely drive the speed limit – It’s for passing people you idiots!  and if you think driving 75 when the speed limit is 70 is fast enough to remain in the left lane you are a fucking moron and should just stay home.
  • People who wait until the last second to merge because traffic is backed up and it will help them get there sooner – you sir are the reason traffic is backed up, if that is me up there I will get in an accident preventing you from merging before I let you in front of me.  
  • People who don’t know how to properly drive on a roundabout – it is very simple, no one coming from the left, go ahead, once you’re in, you can exit when you need to.  DO NOT STOP IN THE ROUNDABOUT, it’s simple.  
  • People who view a 4 way stop as “once I’ve stopped it’s my turn”  – seriously just kill yourself if you are one of those people.
  • People at the grocery store who will wait for a parking spot while the person is STILL LOADING THE GROCERIES INTO THEIR FUCKING CAR.  Go park somewhere else you asshole.  The extra steps won’t hurt you.
  • Lastly, and possibly the thing that triggers me the most.  People who either drop someone off and wait, or who “just are running in” and leave their vehicle in the fire lane at the grocery store.  How fucking stupid and lazy can a person be, are you really so important that the parking spots don’t work for you?  will taking an extra 15-20 steps cause you to die while you run in to get your junk food? 

Maybe this was a mistake as I am now mad and feeling like I have PTSD from living all of these scenarios as I typed them.

Something I missed that pisses you off about traffic/vehicles.  Comment and let me know.  Maybe we can be mad together.   

37 thoughts on “Things That Piss Adam Off – Vehicle Edition”

  1. By not listing “assholes who don’t use their turn signals,” I’m going to assume you’re the kind of asshole who doesn’t use a turn signal.

  2. I use the turn signal, especially when someone needs to know I am coming over. The turn signal is very low on my list because I feel like the people I encounter use it as a right to cut you off, and in those situations I revert back to, “will get into an accident rather than let you over.”

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