The Vodka Tasting Challenge

Have you ever tried Vodka and thought “Fuck that’s a good vodka!” Or maybe “Holy shit that’s an awful vodka – what is that Dark Eyes?!” Well, Adam and I wanted to be put to the test. 5 vodkas. We rate them blindly to see if we can distinguish “Good” vodka from “Bad” Vodka. Here’s how it went (spoiler – rough).

Adam went first (because I make the rules) and he had PTSD coming out from his past drinking experience. It was not good. Adam’s first one was his worst….and best…and he is doing…not good. His body was convulsing ways I never knew possible. The worst part is it got worse after each one?! Was number 1 really the best or was it just taking a toll on him?! This isn’t great. He isn’t ruling out puking.

Adam vocally says he’s not a vodka guy and his face would agree. He made this look MISERABLE. Was I nervous? Maybe. I was going to do a swish taste on all of these to truly get the feel. Shooting them wouldn’t tell me which was best, would it? Maybe? I don’t know. I geared up for the challenge.

Our final result guesses (with parenthesis of actual)

1. Titos (Titos)
2. New Amsterdam (New Amsterdam)
3. Grey Goose (Grey Goose)
4. Smirnoff (Smirnoff)
5. Stolichnaya (Stolichnaya)

Adam fucking nailed 5/5. This is ridiculous!

1. Titos (Titos)
2. Grey Goose (Smirnoff)
3. Smirnoff (New Amsterdam)
4. New Amsterdam (Stolichanya)
5. Stolichnaya (Grey Goose)

Luke – 1/5, not a good showing for a vodka guy?

Total (lowest wins)
1. Titos – 2
2. New Amsterdam – 5
3. Smirnoff – 6
4. Grey Goose – 8
5. Stolichnaya – 9

There you have it! Titos is the greatest vodka! And Grey Goose is pretty fucking nasty. Stolichnaya – as Adam mentions – is a pure Russian vodka which is very manly or something? I don’t know. I’m pretty mad that Adam is superior but we both decided there were no winners and losers in this challenge…just two guys who have a bad taste in their mouth. What should we try next (and please no liquors – the bartender thinks we’re weird!)

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