Sunday Scaries 10/03/21

Hey there everyone, hope you all have had a fun filled weekend. Recently Cousin Luke brought up a Sunday Scaries Blog that I wrote a few years ago (check it out here) and it gave me the idea to start a weekly series where we can all come together and share what we’re doing to fight off those dreaded Sunday Scaries this week. So without further ado, here are a few things to help you enjoy the last few hours of your weekend!

Watch Football

This is a pretty self explanatory one. we got NFL action from 1PM to 11PM, sit back, relax, and enjoy the action. Even better if you can find a log in to the RedZone channel, then you get to skip out on all the boring non-scoring plays and just watch touchdowns! And if you’re feeling like betting on the games then I might know a little blog you can check out to see who to bet on!

Get Some Food

Another great way to fight off the Sunday Scaries is to skip the whole “eating well and cooking for yourself” nonsense and just get yourself some good, old fashioned, and bad for you, fast food. Today I opted to try the Papa John’s promotional “Shaq-a-roni” pizza, and it’s pretty good! it’s essentially just a big pepperoni pizza, but I’m a dumb, simple-brained guy so that’s good enough for me! Plus it comes in this box with Shaq’s face on it, what’s not to love about that?

Binge Something on Your Favorite Streaming Service

In this day and age there is no shortage of streaming options; Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and so on and so on. The top trending show on Netflix right now is called Squid Game and I’ve only seen the first two episodes but boy does it come out of the gates hot! The premise is basically a game show of just how far money-desperate people will go to get out of debt. Another great show on Netflix that just released it’s third season is Called Sex Education. I love this show and it’s so hard to recommend it to other people because it is essentially a show about high school kids fuckin’. And while I might end up on a government watch list or two just for saying I like a show about high school kids fuckin’ but hear me out! It is also a show about friendships and first loves and navigating those awkward moments at school and those frustrating moments at home that we all went though during those high school days and by the end of the third season I promise you will be so invested in and have such an emotional connection with these characters that you will be forced to love this show.

Dable in a little Delta 8 THC

I’m not sure how many of you have heard the good news of these new Delta 8 TCHC companies but my goodness are they life-changing! It is a legal form of THC (the main psychoactive compound in cannabis) and it’s great, in fact, I used a little before I started writing this blog, and I am having a great time! You get the same buzz that you would from that old joint that your one friend from high school always kept in his sock, but you don’t the anxious paranoia that can sometimes come with it. Crazy enough the industry leader in the stuff, 3Chi,is located in our great state of Indiana (please sponsor the blog @3Chi).

Drink plenty of water

This one is important everyday, but especially important on Sunday! In fact, by reading this blog you are contractually obligated to go chug a glass of water right now! That’s the law! Don’t make me send our lawyer after you! lol jk we cant afford a lawyer.

Go buy yourself a big soft blanket

It’s October now and there’s starting to be a little chill in the air, and a great way to fight the Sunday Scaries is to cuddle up under a blanket. Nothing better than having a queen or king sized blanket in your arsenal to break out while you lay on the couch for the next 10 hours!

That’s all I got this week, I’ll check back in next week with some more Sunday Scaries fighting tips! Let us know in the comments what you are doing to keep them at bay! Have a great week everyone!