Kyle’s Money Shot – CFB Week 5/NFL Week 4

Howdy Everyone! Welcome back to another fun filled week of Kyle’s Money Shot! Before we get too crazy, let’s look back on last week

On the negative, the Money Shot was a real dud. But on the positive we went above .500! Time to keep the train rolling and get into this week!

Thursday – Jaguars @ Bengals (-7.5)

Are the Bengals good??? Maybe? They aren’t bad! And the Jags are very bad! Joe Burrow and Ja’marr Chase are in sync now, the defense appears to be miles ahead of where they were last year, and I know the crowd in Cincy will be rocking for this Thursday Night Game, with our very own fearless leader Luke in the crowd. Go get em Luke! Bengals -7.5

Saturday – Michigan @ Wisonsin (-1.5)

Here’s my top three list of things that I do not trust:

  • 3. Politicians
  • 2. A Fart After a Long Night of Drinking
  • 1. Wisconsin’s Offense

Wisconsin has played two good defenses this year: Penn State and Notre Dame and have mustered only 23 points in those two games and Michigan’s defense is just as good as those two. Jim Harbaugh finally gets a big road win. Michigan +1.5

Saturday – Texas @ TCU

We bet the Texas game over last week and Texas put up 70 themselves so might as well just let it ride for another week. Points! Over 65

Saturday – Army @ Ball State (+7.5)

Ball State holds a special place in my heart. I did not attend there myself but my two siblings did and I have had too many cousins and friends to count that went there. Ball State is essentially if a college said “Fuck It” to all that schoolin’ shit and just had a party all the time. I love letting out a “Chirp Chirp”. The only thing I don’t love about Ball State is them in this game. They have sadly not been good this year and I’ll be damned if I bet against the troops. Army -7.5

Saturday – IU @ Penn State (-13)

That game last year between IU and Penn State was a classic. But the clock has struck midnight on IU’s Cinderella season and boy has their beautiful gown of last season turned into ugly rags. I’m sure that picture of Penix from last season stretching for the goal line might just make it on to a few bulletin boards in the Penn State locker room. Give me Penn State -13

Would you look at that? It’s time for the return of our favorite gambling dog! The one and only Piper! Piper is 2-2 on the season (which is miles better than me) so let’s see who she likes this week!

Good Dog!

Saturday – Auburn +3.5

Saturday – Maryland +4.5

Sunday – Giants @ Saints (-7.5)

The Saints are finally returning home after being on the road since hurricane Ida devastated New Orleans. The Superdome will be bonkers and the Saints are the better team. Saints -7.5

Sunday – Titans @ Jets (+7.5)

This is one of those “don’t overthink it” games. I mean have you seen the Jets? Titans -7.5

Sunday – Ravens @ Broncos

The Broncos are one of the surprise teams in the NFL with a 3-0 record, but the teams they’ve played are essentially The School for the Blind, The Little Sisters of the Poor, and your office intramural flag football team. This week they play an actual NFL team with a dynamic QB in Lamar Jackson. This Denver defense has not seen anything like him this year and I think he will give them trouble. Ravens +1

Sunday – Steelers @ Packers

It feels like a million years ago when the Packers got blown out by the Saints in week 1, their offense is clicking at a high level and the defense is doing what it needs to do. The Packers are as the kids say, “So Back” Packers -7

And now time for that unparalleled moment of ecstasy, it’s the Money Shot!

**Sunday – Bucs @ Patriots (+7)**

Tom Brady makes his much awaited return to New England and the Patriots fans that still say they love Brady are going to hate him after Sunday Night. The Bucs are far and away the better team and this seems like an opportunity for Brady to prove to everyone that he was the most important part of the Brady/Belichick duo that won all of those titles. I expect the Bucs to win big. Bucs -7

Thanks again for reading everyone! Hope you all are having a fun football season so far as well! So as always, comment, tweet at me, or DM me with any comments, criticisms, or locks you have!

Whether you are fading or following, Let’s Get Rich! Love you guys!