Pringles Speed “Challenge”

I’ll set the scene, two weeks ago Luke and I are at Walmart looking for snacks for the office and we came to the Pringles, now I had been on quite the Pringles kick lately anyway since it is a superior chip than regualar bagged chips, but in true podcast fashion we wonder how to make this a challenge. Easy right? Speed. How quickly can we each eat a can of Pringles, that’s the challenge.

First challenge though, picking a flavor. It seemed like a no brainer to me, original, the OG, no reason to try to get fancy and overthink it, more flavor just complicates things. Luke had a bit of an inner dilemma, loves sour cream and onion yet also thinks original is the way to be successful, he buys both.

Now fast forward to this week, yes, two weeks later, Monday we decide to go for it, here is the issue, waiting two weeks means last Friday I got hungry and snacked on my can, I no longer have a full can. Luke steps up and gives me his can of original (pretty sure this was his way of bowing out of the challenge) he claims he will attempt it with the sour cream and onion, although makes sure to mention that he doesn’t know if he can with all that flavor.

My original prediction was I could do this in under 5 minutes.

Start the challenge, top can be off but seal must be on, time starts we pop the top and dive in. Not sure what the strategy going in would be I start by grabbing roughly 6-10 chips and eating them all at once, pretty sure that wouldn’t be the winning strategy, needed to eat smaller quantities. After a few minutes I had hit my stride, Luke had stopped trying for time.

I ask Luke for time and it was 2:20 in, OK, no sweat, under 5 minutes would be easy, but I kept pressing. at the 3:20 mark I stuffed the remaining chips in my mouth and chewed as quickly as possible to get them down quickly. Final time 3:30. Honestly, afterwards I felt like I should have felt worse. This was the easiest challenge yet, which is impressive considering the McDonalds challenge took 10 minutes only.

Next challenge for me will likely be the 50 BK nuggets for time. (If Luke allows me)

Side note: Lukes final time was 22hours 15 minutes and 17 seconds.

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